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Ed Gruberman… It’s My Birthday!


August 20th should be a national holiday. It’s my BIRTHDAY!

It's Ed Gruberman's Birthday!



  1. Rosetta says:

    Alright, my friend, go take your abuse like a man.


    And have a great birthday!

  2. Rich says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed. Coincidentally, my youngest son turns 2 today as well. I’ll send him over later to kick your ass and steal your birthday cake and your car.

  3. PattyAnn says:

    Ed, is all that “Lovely” stuff true?
    The wimmens need to know.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Ed says:

    It’s true, I am “Lovely”. Send your kid over, I’m sure he’d have a great time. I have no problem punching children… snap… crack… woosh!

  5. You couldn’t lay a finger on my four year old, he move like NINJA! But I’m only sending him for the midget porn, so enjoy the cake…unless Rich sent it!

  6. cranky says:

    Happy fucking birthday~!

    Rosetta says you’re a homo, you gonna let him get away with that?

  7. Ed says:

    Sometimes you got to let the little retards act like little retards.

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