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Hey everyone. I can’t stand the politics subject anymore. The people you have voted into office at this point are all worthless, the media for the most part sucks, and no one is ever accountable for their actions. Nothing gets done… Nothing… Where’s the CHANGE? Where’s my voice in the government? Because all I hear from the politicians who I pay to represent me is that I’m a racist, too dumb to raise my own kid (they apparently know how), I can’t feed myself without their help and that their concept of life, death, love, hate… Is the right one. Of couse the irony is that the crap they’re shoving down our throats is that their concept of right is… Well… Left.

So they can have it. It’s time to focus on something else. There are better blogs than mine. Dedicated bloggers who are faster, smarter, funnier, but certainly not better looking. Bloggers that can somehow do this everyday, read the news all day and tell the stories of the entire pile of shit the world is in and can do it without wanting to buy a closed missle silo and hole up with a lifetime of Jack Daniels, frozen burritos, a terabyte of porn and a bunch of hobos in cages. Go to AoSHQ or Hotair. They’re 2 of the best out there. Plus Michelle Malkin is… Hot… As… Hell…

But needless to say I like the whole “Blogging Thing” and having a fun “Persona” to vent my creative back-pressure. So go check out the new place… New topics… New brains to spill. New worlds to conquer (that word means to dominate you morons).

Hopefully things will “Change” and this freaky-deaky bizarro world I find myself in will someday need Ed Gruberman… But probably not. Thank you everyone who reads this crappy blog, suck a fat one to those who don’t.

Remember kids… Stay calm, relax, and breathe… Everything’s going to be ok. Now get your ass up and kill some ZOMBIES!



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