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I Will Survive!


Those of you who know me, and most of you don’t, but those who do know of my love for all things zombie. Zombie books, movies and TV shows have always been my favorite genre since I saw Day of the Dead back in 1985. There’s just something about the Zombie Apocalypse that simply intrigues me. So I have over the years collected some of the best zombie information out there. Including the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. It is a companion piece to the hugely successful and soon the be movie and audiobook sensation World War Z and is a manual on how to survive should those God damn brain eating’ zombies should take over and is written and even illustrated in the same format as the Boy Scout Manual. Anywhoo…

Over on AoSHQ in the Overnight Open Thread there’s a link to how to care for wounds when the medial system collapses. I reccomend it as a quick read. You never know when you may be faced with an open wound after fending off several dozen hungry zombies. Just reading it may put enough info into your long term memory for you to recall this in your moment of panicked screaming. I’ll post a bit of the info below the fold but head on over there and read the whole thing. Good luck and remember…


A wound requires four simple things to heal: blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, and the ABSENCE OF INFECTION. If possible, a member of the group who’se wounded should get some extra food, and a vitamin pill a day.

In terms of oxygen and nutrients, these are all provided by blood flow. This brings up the subject of tourniquets. Tourniquets should ONLY be used as a measure of last resort, to prevent the patient from bleeding to death.

Remember – direct pressure stops 99% of bleeding. Take a piece of cloth, ball it up and press HARD against the bleeding area for five minutes by your watch – which will seem like five hours – then check and see if the bleeding has subsided – only if three or four attempts fail should a tourniquet be used.

So head on over to TheSurvivalistBlog.net and gather up some information for the end of days.


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