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• (Video) Duuuude I loooove Dictators Man!


This guy is such a scumbag. I heard about this this morning on my way into work on Laura Ingraham. By the way can I say my new job is the best job I’ve ever had… Anywhoo, how many times is this guy gonna skate through the media slamming us and this country then getting another million dollar movie deal before they (The Hollywood Jews) decide that when we see his face all we can see is him reaching around dictators like Chavez? Time after time we let him get away with this and quite frankly I’m just plain tired of it. Can someone please kick this asshole in his mouth? He’s trying to explain to Letterman (another worthless relic) how Chavez shutting down RCTV the Venezuelan TV channel known most widely for soap operas and for a three-year-old interview program that hammered Chavez regularly for his creeping fascism. Anyways, here is Spikoli trying to make some kind of lefty point about it…

Click Image To Go To Video…


 H/T Hot Air (When Can I Get A LOGIN)?


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  1. PattyAnn says:

    You just missed it a night or two ago. When I see it’s open again, I’ll contact you.

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