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Lil Wayne on FNMTV

Lil Wayne’s second single, “A Milli” which was produced by Bangladesh (Ciara & Ludacris), is a booming 808 laced track augmented by a tight rhythmic snare, accented by handclaps and a sample that matches Wayne’s staccato flow perfectly.

It’s good. I like it. The bass is great. Except he’s wearing…. a….

Unedited version below the fold..



• (Video) Captain America Jim Brossard On Fox

Our newest and most excellent patriot Jim Brossard is shown here on Fox and Friends. The jackass in the other idiot box next to him is trying to say that he’s in trouble for not following flag protocol… I think the fact that he cut down the mexican flag with an army knife is a pretty good standing on the idea that he just wrote the new protocol. Enjoy…

• (Video) Kick Ass Vet Cuts Down Mexican Flag (UPDATED)

Ok, this is the best video clip I’ve evah seen. Here it is…
Hello Hot Air Heads ( I want a LOGIN!)

KNBC – Channel 4 News, RENO, NEVADA: “This afternoon we received a call from a viewer who said a business near downtown Reno was flying a Mexican flag above an American flag… which is in fact illegal.”

This, after photos and comments about the flag were posted on Craigslist this morning. When we were able to have a photographer go and check everything out we found the story to be true.

It also didn’t take long before the situation provoked a strong reaction. We are now going to show you , unedited, what happened.

The video link will be on the left hand side of article in small blue box. There may be a 15 second commercial by “Father Joe” before the video starts.

In the video a U.S Army veteran goes over to the Mexican bar in Reno where the Mexican flag is flying above the U.S. flag and he cuts it down with his Army knife. He takes the U.S. flag away and throws the Mexican flag on the ground.

KNBC – Channel 4 News

Update from Hot Air…
Audio: Mike Gallagher interviews the vet who cut down the Mexican flag

The Vets name is Jim Broussard

Illegality Of Flying US Flag Below Another…
When flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak. When the flags are flown from adjacent staffs, the flag of the United States should be hoisted first and lowered last. No such flag or pennant may be placed above the flag of the United States or to the right of the flag of the United States (the viewer’s left). When the flag is half-masted, both flags are half-masted, with the US flag at the mid-point and the other flag below.

Exit question…
Can I be adopted by said vet and when is he available for lunch?

Updated via Hot Air

Shawn Wasson says he spoke to the man himself, a.k.a. Jim Brossard, earlier this afternoon and asked him why he didn’t simply call the cops. Brossard’s answer: the cops refused to come. Why would the cops refuse to do that? Because, according to the ACLU, it’s not a crime to fly another flag above the stars and stripes:

While there is indeed a federal law regulating the display of the U.S. flag, that law is merely advisory and simply codifies standard government practice in displaying the American flag.

Several federal courts have examined this law and held that the flag rules are not mandatory and cannot be enforced. Indeed, if the federal flag rules were mandatory, they would clearly violate the First Amendment, which protects every American’s right to speak and express themselves, including their choice of flag to display.

I think they’re right, in which case Brossard doesn’t even have the excuse that he was doing the job American cops were supposed to, but didn’t, do. Now it’s on to the lawsuit, which he’ll lose — and then recoup the damages he has to pay 100 times over via donations from admiring conservatives.

• Whoopi Wants Whoopie In A 3 Way With Pelosi and Husband?

Thank you Hot Air for the video…

Someone please get me this video. I would look for it but I am currently vomiting in my garbage can under my desk…

Yes, Whoopi implicitly acknowledged, she’d like to do Mr. Pelosi – but she might take his wife while she’s at it. “I would do her as well. But we should wait on that because you’re still in office, I don’t want to cause a problem.”

Whoopi Goldberg: Pelosi Admirer Extraordinaire

Sure, politicians always appreciate a warm welcome when they appear on daytime TV talk shows. But the welcome House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got today on ABC’s chick TV show “The View” was more than warm – it was downright steamy.

Even before Pelosi walked on stage to take her seat at the round table, the show’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, and its co-hosts – with former news anchor Barbara Walters leading the pack – started flirting with the speaker’s husband, Paul, who was seated in the front row.

“You wanna take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s handsome husband?” Walters asked the audience. Yes, came the answer in the form of whooping and hollering.


• (Video) Duuuude I loooove Dictators Man!

This guy is such a scumbag. I heard about this this morning on my way into work on Laura Ingraham. By the way can I say my new job is the best job I’ve ever had… Anywhoo, how many times is this guy gonna skate through the media slamming us and this country then getting another million dollar movie deal before they (The Hollywood Jews) decide that when we see his face all we can see is him reaching around dictators like Chavez? Time after time we let him get away with this and quite frankly I’m just plain tired of it. Can someone please kick this asshole in his mouth? He’s trying to explain to Letterman (another worthless relic) how Chavez shutting down RCTV the Venezuelan TV channel known most widely for soap operas and for a three-year-old interview program that hammered Chavez regularly for his creeping fascism. Anyways, here is Spikoli trying to make some kind of lefty point about it…

Click Image To Go To Video…


 H/T Hot Air (When Can I Get A LOGIN)?

• When Will I Get A Hot Air Login?

This is a guy named Uncle Jay who does a weekly video essay. This week he mentions our favorite trackback spot Hot Air! Yes he says their name just one time… I bet he got a login for comments…. So since he is endorsing them and I am endorsing them…

When will registration be open for HOT AIR? I can post to LGF, ACE, even that craphole WickedPinto with their sick crime posts and pictures of hot chicks in bath tubs full of cheetos? They’re not really crappy, I think NiceDeb is really really sweet. But I digest… When the hell will registration be open? I waited less time for my Little Green Footballs login!!! Michelle’s even linked to here… CLICK HERE… of course it is in the trackbacks but at least she touched me… Ok that sounds weird… JUST OPEN THE REGISTRATION I have so many clever things to say!

• (Video) Uber-Skankoofer Joy Behar, The View and The KKK

Uber-skankoofer (TM 2007 Ed Gruberman/ Def. Great Big-Skank-Truther) Joy Behar says that the Rep. Candidates are too busy attending KKK meetings to go to bullshit debates that are completely meaningless and would be nothing more than a place to try and bash them. Behar has flow under the radar over the last year because of that fat ass Rosie’s aluminum hat kept washiing her out on camera. Here ya go…

H/T Hot Air