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All The Palin Lies Spread By… Obama. (Video)


Here is the offending video that all of this is about…

Now first I want to say that if you want to see why the above video is coming up blank you have to read the update below. The account holder, the offender in this story, has suddenly and inexplicably deleted his account. Fortunately a quick thinker out there has posted it him or herself… to bad bitches! The saved video is below the quote.

From Michelle Malkin

“If ‘eswinner’ isn’t Ethan Winner of the Publicis Groupe, then why did “eswinner” yank the video so quickly? Or if this was just an innocent homemade ad, then what does he have to hide? You’d think he’d want more attention for it.”

For the best coverage of this story and constant updates please go to the JawaReport

All of the credit for this goes to the Jawa Report who have done a PHENOMINAL job busting this story wide open. I don’t expect to get up in the morning and see this running on any of the “Networks” so I’m going to put it up here and let the bloggers get it out there. Basically the story goes like this

All of those wild and wacky stories about Sarah Palin that keep being used for talking points, my blog has been innundated by them here and here. Several examples are the book banning (lie), and Sarah Palin was a member of an Anti-American separatist organization (Lie). Basically it comes down to this:

Obama Connected PR Firm Produces, Uploads Lying Anti-Palin Ad on YouTube, Then Pushes it Virally as “Grassroots” Effort; PR Exec Sockpuppets Praise Video for “Getting the Truth Out;” Company Employee Uploads it On Democratic Underground and Urges Readers to Send it Out to Ten People Each

What the hell does that mean? Well it means the the Obama campaign is SERIOUSLY breaking FCC regulations by:



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