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• Nancy Pelosi & The Democrats: A Study In Cowardice & Ignorance

It came to light a few weeks ago that the CIA/Men In Black had used water-boarding to extract information from 3 al-Qaeda suspects. Those suspects being Khalid “Shake Shake Shake” Mohamed, Abu Zubaydah and a third as-of-now unnamed suspect. Zubaydah, the first high-ranking al-Qaeda member captured after the September 11 terrorist attacks, broke 35 seconds after he was subjected to the technique, said John Kiriakou, who served as a CIA interrogator in Pakistan. After that Abu Zubaydah began providing interrogators with information that led to the disruption of “maybe dozens” of planned attacks, Mr Kiriakou said.

Mr Kiriakou said he was given a detailed description of the waterboarding by fellow team members. The next day Abu Zubaydah told his captors he would tell them whatever they wanted, Mr Kiriakou said. “He said that Allah had come to him in his cell and told him to co-operate, because it would make things easier for his brothers.”

Yeah right. the only thing that came to him in the middle of the night was his yellow streak and it’s one thing all of them have in common. They’re all cowards. But the real question is who are the people who are publicly chastising the GOP for using these techniques and why now? This is all stemming from the public being told that tapes of these interrogations had been destroyed. This is about 50 blog posts worth of info so I am just going to say this, the CIA had permission from it’s lawyers to destroy those tapes and to be honest with you, good for them. The lefty media would have just leaked it and shown our enemies exactly what to expect should they be captured. So burn away. You can go to Hot Air for more details. More importantly who knew about this torture and for how long? I’ll tell you who… Congress, specifically, Nancy Pelosi.

In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vital information from reticent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody. For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA’s overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.

Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said.

“The briefer was specifically asked if the methods were tough enough,” said a U.S. official who witnessed the exchange.

Individual lawmakers’ recollections of the early briefings varied dramatically, but officials present during the meetings described the reaction as mostly quiet acquiescence, if not outright support. “Among those being briefed, there was a pretty full understanding of what the CIA was doing,” said Goss, who chaired the House intelligence committee from 1997 to 2004 and then served as CIA director from 2004 to 2006. “And the reaction in the room was not just approval, but encouragement.”

I highlighted her name, San Fran Gran Nan. She knew about this and had no objection to it. That is until now. Why now? What has happened between then and now? Hmmm… Could it be the new poll numbers show a favorable outlook on Iraq? Naw, they wouldn’t do that would they? Damn right they would. Blame Bush is their motto and this is a rather poor attempt to do so in light of the fact the the war is turning around and they are all being made to look like cowards and quitters. So how do you turn your 11% favorability rating around? You use the oldest trick in the book… Nothing up my sleeve, nothing up my other sleeve…

Cowardice & Ignorance is the name of this post and it couldn’t be more fitting. You voted them into power and look who’s paying the price for it. The lefty’s credibility (if they ever had any), our soldiers in the field and politics as a whole. How could you trust these cowards, liars and all around dick-holes? But then again, anybody but Bush right? Because he’s a liar right? Yeah right.

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• Minutemen, Nazis, and KKK’s Run Phoenix P.D!


Up until a few days ago the Phoenix Police Department was unable to call ICE or the Border Patrol when they caught a criminal who was suspected of being an illegal alien except under special circumstances. Their hands were tied by Police Operations Order 1.4 that is the order that currently prescribes and dictates exactly when a Phoenix Police Officer can call Immigration and Customs authorities — and when they cannot. It is the same Order that has caused Phoenix to be labeled by some as a “Sanctuary City”. In recent weeks, talk-radio hosts and newspaper columnists have battered Gordon for failing to quell a dispute over day laborers at M.D. Pruitt’s Home Furnishings, where 200 people gathered to protest on Saturday. But if you ask me I think they should just let them keep protesting because THE ILLEGAL ALIENS KEEP GOING OUT AND PROTESTING!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s human smuggling unit arrested 8 more illegal immigrants outside Pruitt’s Furniture on Saturday. That brings the total to 32 arrests over a 6-week period in which Sheriff’s deputies have been enforcing state and federal immigration laws througout Maricopa County.

Pro-illegal immigration and day laborer protesters have been lining up outside the Thomas road store, protesting the store and the Sheriff’s illegal immigration enforcement.
Arpaio says those protesters will be arrested and put in jail if they violate any laws on the Pruitt’s store property.

Well, (D) Mayor Phil Gordon has decided to change Police Operations Order 4.1! Gordon and city have come under criticism for the existing policy after the shooting death of a Phoenix Police officer by an illegal immigrant from Mexico. There are an estimated 579,000 illegals in the state making up 12 percent of Arizona’s work force, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

The revised policy is being reviewed now by former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton, former U.S. Attorney Jose Rivera, former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods and former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley and they have been asked to make their decision by December 31. This revised policy would apparently untie police and sheriffs deputies allowing them to call immigration anytime they see fit. Which is exactly what the police union has been asking for for years.

“When it was written, it was right for local law enforcement and our community,” Gordon told reporters. “But it was written in another time – and it was based on the premise that the federal government would fulfill all its responsibilities regarding immigration enforcement. Obviously, that has changed.”

As you would expect apologists for law breaking illegal aliens are wetting their pants and crying their way through boxes of tissues. One real jackass Salvador Reza made the following statement that “Mayor Gordon’s about-face is a result of his listening to a very small group of Minutemen, Nazis, and KKKs”! Are you kidding me?

Hispanic community leaders on Wednesday accused Mayor Phil Gordon of rushing through changes to a police department policy that prohibits officers from questioning the immigration status of people they run across during routine duties. On Monday, the mayor announced the formation of a four-man panel to come up with a revised policy that would allow officers to contact ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) when they have reason to question the immigration status of anyone who’s believed to have committed another infraction.

Basically the apologists and those who believe that they have any sorts of rights in this country because they are not citizen but just happen to be on American soil are slowly being choked out by the overwhelming desire by REAL Americans to stop illegal aliens. Another win for the good guys.

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• Hillary Clinton’s Staged Hostage Crisis!

Breaking… New Hampshire…

It appears that the crisis that took place last week at Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in New Hampshire was in fact a staged incident!

We already know that Hillary Clinton plants questions on her campaign stops, we already know that Hillary Clinton planted a question at the Republican debate, so is it too much to wonder if this whole New Hampshire hostage crisis in New Hampshire was staged. I mentioned in my first post about this crisis that this was perhaps a publicity stunt. She has been falling in the polls and needed a boost. After reading this article about the whole ordeal, there is no doubt in my mind this whole thing was staged.

Let’s look at some excerpts from the article I linked to above from breitbart to get a feeling of why I believe this crisis was staged.


• Winners Never Quit / Quitters Never Win!


When will they get it? When will they stop acting like they have the moral high-ground? I know, they won’t stop until their Bush-Derangement Syndrome has somehow proven him wrong. Their children will hopefully see them for what they are. Disgraces.

Democrats controlling the House of Representatives will try again to bring American combat in Iraq to an end when it debates legislation this week tying new war funds to troop withdrawals, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday.

The legislation, similar to a bill President George W. Bush vetoed earlier this year, “gives voice to the concerns of the American people” over a war that is now in its fifth year and “with no light at the end of the tunnel,” Pelosi, a California Democrat, said.

As early as Friday, the House will debate the plan that would give Bush only $50 billion of the $196 billion in new funds he has asked for to continue fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the money would go to Iraq.

The House repeatedly this year has passed legislation aimed at ending the Iraq war, only to see it die in the Senate or killed by Bush.

Congress is expected to consider the rest of the funding sometime next year.

Pelosi said the money would fund the war for another four months. But as they have done in the past, House Democrats will try to attach conditions requiring the Pentagon to immediately begin withdrawing some of the 169,000 troops in Iraq and with the goal of completing the withdrawal by December, 2008.

Pelosi sidestepped a reporter’s question on whether congressional support for the idea has grown enough to overturn an inevitable veto by Bush.

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• Flag of Islam to fly from Big Ben

So… I guess when the Dems/Libtards get done trying to just talk and then hug-it-out with these animals things will be all better maybe like this (Story to follow)…

Islam has forbidden Muslims from surrendering as a hostage… to the infidels.”

Date: Ramadan 2012
Dinner will be eaten after warm apple cider is served around the fireplace. Dinner will be Halal of course and they will take extra care to ensure that no Jews touch or breath on the food. After the afternoon call to prayer President Clinton will go back into the White House, of course women are not allowed to be in there when the afternoon prayer is chanted over NPR, they will sit down and discuss the numbers. What numbers you ask? Oh just how many infidels have been wiped off the face of Americanadixico. Hmm upwards of 12 million… the numbers are low this month but it appears that small factions of the gorilla group NRA have taken to booby trapping the dwellings of the Islamic Thought Police making the infidel extinction harder. It’s a shame you know, if we all would have just dropped to our knees and had our heads chopped off for being gay, Christian, non-virgins, retarded, intellectual or handicapped then there would have been no violence. I guess though when you look back on it all it’s not that bad, I’m just glad we had a chance to talk it all out first. Nothing stops sickos better than a good tongue lashing.

Islamic fundamentalist Omar Bakri, who led extremist group in London and escaped after bombings in city, warns that Britain will turn into ‘Islamastan’
Roee Nahmias

Islamic fundamentalist cleric Omar Bakri has warned that “the day will come that the flag of Islam will fly over the Big Ben and the British Parliament.”

Bakri made the comments during an interview with the London-based Arabic-language daily al-Sharq al-Awsat.

The interview was published over the weekend when Britain marked a year since the terror attacks on the London Underground.

Bakri, who is originally Syrian, was the leader of al-Muhajiroun. He escaped London after the 7/7 attacks, and was banned from returning to Britain.

Bakri presented himself as a spokesman for the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, headed by Osama Bin Laden.


• Waterboarding… Not So Common!

So we’ve heard a lot about waterboarding over the last few years. So how many times has this technique for getting information from terrorists been used? 100 times, 500 times, 1000’s of times?

Nope… just 3! 

For all the debate over waterboarding, it has been used on only three al Qaeda figures, according to current and former U.S. intelligence officials.

As ABC News first reported in September, waterboarding has not been used since 2003 and has been specifically prohibited since Gen. Michael Hayden took over as CIA director.

Officials told ABC News on Sept. 14 that the controversial interrogation technique, in which a suspect has water poured over his mouth and nose to stimulate a drowning reflex as shown in the above demonstration, had been banned by the CIA director at the recommendation of his deputy, Steve Kappes…

The most effective use of waterboarding, according to current and former CIA officials, was in breaking Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, known as KSM, who subsequently confessed to a number of ongoing plots against the United States.

A senior CIA official said KSM later admitted it was only because of the waterboarding that he talked.

• Arizona Nuclear Plant on Lockdown

I can see this plant from my front door…

PHOENIX (AP) – Security officials at the nation’s largest nuclear power plant detained a contract worker with a small explosive device in the back of his pickup truck Friday, authorities said.

The worker was stopped and detained at the entrance of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, said U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Victor Dricks. Security officials then put the nuclear station on lockdown, prohibiting anyone from entering or leaving the facility.

Authorities described the device as a small capped pipe that contained suspicious residue.