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Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Get It… Still…

On the view today Nancy Pelosi needed to remind Hasselbeck that she’s talked about this with her before and her annoyance was being worn on her sleeve. After years of saying that the war was lost, that the surge couldn’t and wouldn’t work the Dems. are incapable of admitting they were wrong. I know this is a hard thing to do because I have a hard time doing it with my wife let alone the American people and the world. You’re wrong, just admit it. But then again they are the do nothing congress and why not be the doing nothing I was wrong about the surge too. I hate these bastards.

Over at Hot Air they got old San-Fran-Gran-Nan nailed…

Especially charming is how Pelosi blames her 14 percent approval rating, or whatever hideous depth Congress might now have reached, wholly on her failure to stop the war — a mighty interesting interpretation considering not only is Iraq a distant second to the economy these days among voter priorities but those swing state voters both sides are battling over don’t seem to be in a particular hurry to leave. Ah well. Never let it be said that she lacks message discipline.


• Christmas Cards For Injured Soldiers


This is an Update! It seems that our efforts to support our American Heros the soldiers of the US military has overwhelmed the Red Cross. They have given us an alternative! This is from Joo Chung at the American Red Cross posted as a comment at this previous post and it’s all below the video…


I work at Walter Reed Information, and received many many calls in regards to sending Christmas Cards and most of them said they got information from this website…so in order to reduce headache for all of you, this is the fact:

Holiday Cards to Injured Service Members This Holiday Season

The following message is from Neal Denton, Senior Vice President, Service to the Armed Forces: Sen This holiday season, we have a great opportunity to bring a touch of home to wounded warriors recovering in military hospitals across the country.

As you may know, the American public has a strong desire to send holiday cards to soldiers staying at Walter Reed and other military medical centers. However, for security reasons, the former military program was discontinued. One of our colleagues at Walter Reed suggested, “If anyone can find a solution to this – it’s the Red Cross.”

We’re proud that this season, communities across America are invited to mail holiday greeting cards along with personal messages of support to wounded soldiers at military hospitals around the country, through a unique partnership of the American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes Mailing Solutions.

Now we have a solution that will not only benefit soldiers at Walter Reed, but also recovering soldiers at military hospitals around the nation. With the help of the Department of Defense, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Pitney Bowes, between now and December 27, members of the public will be invited to mail their holiday cards to:

We Support You During Your Recovery!
c/o American Red Cross
PO Box 419
Savage, MD 20763-0419

Red Cross volunteers will sort the cards for appropriate content and repackage them for shipping. Our steadfast partners, Pitney Bowes, will ship the cards to Red Cross stations at the military hospitals.

This project provides a great opportunity for chapters and station offices to coordinate resources and volunteers. Staff members at national headquarters will call each station office before packages are mailed to that military hospital. Those station managers will be looking for chapter volunteer support to help in accepting, storing and delivering the cards.

A national news release will be issued shortly after announcing the program. Once you know that your field unit will be receiving holiday cards to distribute, I encourage you to contact your local media with the attached localizable news release, to take photos and write stories for your Web sites and to send us your stories at SAFstories@usa.redcross.org.

We realize this is short notice. It took some time to work out a plan with the Department of Defense to revitalize this wonderful program and provide a way for people to express their support. I have every confidence that Red Crossers will want to participate in this joyous project. Already, we have had a very positive response at national headquarters to help with the sorting and packing.

Thank you for your support of SAF. And our office hopes that you enjoy your holidays surrounded by friends and family!

You can also confirm this information from Walter Reed Army Medical Center website:


Thank you!

Joo Chung

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• Text A Warrior For Turkey Day!

America Supports You: Americans Can Text ‘Thanks’ to Troops

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2007 – For those seeking a quick way to show appreciation for the troops’ service far from home this holiday season, look no further than “Giving Thanks,” a new initiative from the Defense Department’s America Supports You program.

Americans can send text messages of thanks and get responses from active-duty troops through the “Giving Thanks” initiative of the Defense Department’s America Supports You program.

America Supports You connects citizens and corporations with military personnel and their families serving at home and abroad.

“This is a simple way to connect our citizens to our soldiers using modern technology,” Allison Barber, deputy assistant secretary of defense for internal communications and public liaison, said of the text messaging program.

The program, which already has received nearly 4,000 messages, officially kicks off at 6 a.m. EST Nov. 17 and concludes at midnight PST Nov. 22. Between those times, people wishing to express gratitude to the troops for their service can text a brief message to 89279. Each text message sent will receive a response from an active-duty service member in return.

Major mobile wireless providers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Nextel, and T-Mobile, will provide access to the Giving Thanks text messaging program.

“We know that thousands of families will be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner and thinking about loved ones who are far away from home serving their country,” Barber said. “We are counting on other American families to take a moment during their holiday celebration to think of those families and their family members who are serving and say, ‘Thanks.’

C’mon. Give it a shot. It’ll take just a few seconds and you’ll make some troop’s day.

I found this via Absolute Moral Authority

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• Project Valor-IT

Nice Deb is part of the Air Force Team of bloggers raising money for Project Valour It, which helps provide voice-controlled and adaptive laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines recovering from severe injuries at major medical centers.Funds collected, as of today, here.

The goal is $240,000, and we’ve still got a ways to go.

Here’s the PayPal link if you want to help out.

(Video) American Heros… Freedom

To the heros who get overlooked. We love you…

THE WAR | American Anthem by Norah Jones | PBS

• Winners Never Quit / Quitters Never Win!


When will they get it? When will they stop acting like they have the moral high-ground? I know, they won’t stop until their Bush-Derangement Syndrome has somehow proven him wrong. Their children will hopefully see them for what they are. Disgraces.

Democrats controlling the House of Representatives will try again to bring American combat in Iraq to an end when it debates legislation this week tying new war funds to troop withdrawals, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday.

The legislation, similar to a bill President George W. Bush vetoed earlier this year, “gives voice to the concerns of the American people” over a war that is now in its fifth year and “with no light at the end of the tunnel,” Pelosi, a California Democrat, said.

As early as Friday, the House will debate the plan that would give Bush only $50 billion of the $196 billion in new funds he has asked for to continue fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the money would go to Iraq.

The House repeatedly this year has passed legislation aimed at ending the Iraq war, only to see it die in the Senate or killed by Bush.

Congress is expected to consider the rest of the funding sometime next year.

Pelosi said the money would fund the war for another four months. But as they have done in the past, House Democrats will try to attach conditions requiring the Pentagon to immediately begin withdrawing some of the 169,000 troops in Iraq and with the goal of completing the withdrawal by December, 2008.

Pelosi sidestepped a reporter’s question on whether congressional support for the idea has grown enough to overturn an inevitable veto by Bush.

H/T Michelle Malkin

• Send A Christmas Card To Injured Soldiers (Updated)

12/07/07 UPDATE! Also Please Hit The DIGG button!

There is a very important in regards to Sending Christmas Cards To Injured Soldiers. Please go to here for the important update! It seems that our efforts to support our American Heros, the soldiers of the US military, has overwhelmed the Red Cross. They have given us an alternative to sending them Christmas cards! This is from Joo Chung at the American Red Cross posted as a comment at the bottom of this post. Please go here for the update!

12/05/07 UPDATE BELOW!
I have received several updates from all of you stating the Walter Reed is not accepting any more cards through the Red Cross because they have too many. This is definitely not a negative, however there are many more vets out there that could use your help. The links that I have below are always accepting and there is a V.A. hospital in most major cities so check your local VA or VFW for more info. Here is a link to the
V.A. search feature to locate facility-related information quickly and accurately.
Those links are blow the fold.