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My Son Drinking Jack…

This is my son last night drinking “Jack” living the AoSHq Lifestyle…

This should be fun…


Drunk Animals… Looks like my college days.

Thanks to Eddie Bear for this. I just laughed myself sober. Click image to watch.

WWE will be revealing the names of the Wellness Policy Violators!

WWE will be revealing the names of the Wellness Policy Violators involved in the Signature Pharmacy Scandal soon. Unless they dropped the idea, we should be seeing those names revealed on their website by the end of the day on Thursday (November 1).

Update 11/01/07 5:32 P.M. This is not the official release from WWE and I will post the official one as soon as it comes up. However after some digging I found this…

Complete List of 20 past & present wrestlers listed as Signature clients
Source: New York Daily News


• (Video) French More Annoying Than They Were 2:45 Ago…

Is it me or we doing this dance around 91 when Madonna put out Vogue? Anyways why anyone would want to invade this country and why we keep rescuing them is unknown. Now enjoy… Tecktonik…

Tecktonik dance craze takes Paris by storm

A new homespun urban dance phenomenon has taken hold in Paris and is quickly spreading to the rest of France through Internet videos and word-of-mouth.

Tecktonik, a mix of hip hop and techno dance, was the talk of this year’s Paris Techno Parade, the annual dance music street carnival that took place in the French capital last Saturday.

Groups of teenagers were overheard chanting “Tecktonik” as dance-offs took place in the street and the evening news bulletins were full of images and testimony from the leaders of this latest craze.


• (Video) Moonbats, hippies & lesbians

These are the people who want to take control of our country. Yesterday, nearly 100,000 people — led by anti-war Iraq veterans, military families and others — marched from the White House to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. to demand an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq. The march concluded with a dramatic “die-in” of 5,000 people surrounding the Capitol. Almost 200 people were arrested when police prevented them taking an anti-war message to Congress.

• (Video) The Dangers Of Reefer

Just thought you should know the dangers of marijuana use. This 1960’s film should help.

And just in case you were thinking about skipping the gateway drug and going straight to LSD…