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• WTF? Boy Scout badges recalled for lead levels.

Ok. I was in the Boy Scouts. It was, at the time, the all American pastime for boys. It was one of the things that really made me a young well rounded boy. At the time I didn’t pay attention to wether or not things were made in China. But now this seems somehow really hypocritical of the Boy Scouts to have everything made in China. But then again they do have us by the short hairs don’t they?

More than a million Made-in-China Boy Scout badges are being recalled for having unacceptably high lead levels, a US scouting spokesman said Friday. “During a routine test of products, Boy Scouts of America found that one component of a totem, a cub scout recognition item, contains unacceptable amounts of lead” said Gregg Shields, a spokesman for the Dallas, Texas-based group.