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My Son Drinking Jack…

This is my son last night drinking “Jack” living the AoSHq Lifestyle…

This should be fun…


Drunk Animals… Looks like my college days.

Thanks to Eddie Bear for this. I just laughed myself sober. Click image to watch.

• Jurors Ok If Drunk In Tennessee!


I want a jury summons right now! If being drunk is a qualification then I guess I’m in! How on Earth could someone on trial for say drinking and driving and having killed someone possibly NOT want someone who is on the jury drunk? During selection I would have my lawyer go around to each one with a tray full of Jello shots and shooters and those who turn it down will be labeled unacceptable.

A provision allowing an exemption for alcoholics or anyone who “is drunk, or has been drunk during the term of the court then sitting” also is up for elimination.

By Dan Strumpf
If a state judicial board has its way, Tennessee’s jury selection procedures soon will get an overhaul.

The Tennessee Judicial Council is weighing whether to replace a current state law requiring a blindfolded adult or a child under 10 to draw potential jurors’ names from a box with automated jury selection methods. The board also is considering throwing out rules that exempt jurors who are members of certain professions, including physicians, lawyers and clergy.

“What we’re trying to do is get a uniform practice across the state,” said Chairman Jeff Henry, who also is executive director of the Tennessee Public Defenders Conference.

A provision allowing an exemption for alcoholics or anyone who “is drunk, or has been drunk during the term of the court then sitting” also is up for elimination.


Jack, the myth and legend…

I AM MYSTIC 1136 The Old Order of Owls.

This post is dedicated to jdontherocks who left this as a comment here, in regards to all of the Jack being put down the drain. Gimme some more comments like this JD I got room here at my dojo for a few guest writers with such a passion for my favorite beverage… this is his comment, which is more than worthy of it’s own post.

I just cannot understand Our Laws. I mean everyone trying to get money for this and for that. And Like I read Earlier, the Homeless would drink it. I have been to all the stores they are talking about. Only thing I found was some very Nice and Friendly People. But now here Our LAWS are going to pour out a Legend and his Dreams. Why not Auction it all off, if it comes to that. And Give the money to the Homeless Shelters, Or Wait how About our School System. Oh wait, how about our Fire Departments. But no we are going to pour it out and then we still Beg for Donations for everything from School to Cancer.

Wake up and Do something right for once.
I reckon I should turn into a Drinker and Drink up my Collection.

Posted in a Kentucky Newspaper:

Punish the person, not the whiskey,” . “Jack never did anything wrong, and the whiskey itself is innocent.”
My Great Grand Father Drank it and as been part of My Family Tree, Hell Mom use to rub it on our Gums for when we had a tooth that was hurting. I sit here now thinking Damn should I just say HELL with it have a big Party and Drink all of my Collection. I Agree if the Law was Broke then fine , But the Jack Bottles Did not Say Sell me. So why Waste something that taste so good.

I think Statement says it ALL:

Jack Daniel’s celebrated 156 years in September 2006, and enjoys the title of the ‘World’s Number One Whiskey’ due equally to the high quality of the product and the amazing legend and appeal of the story and man-behind-the-brand which makes Jack Daniel’s an icon.

100 GREAT ICONS ranks Jack Daniel’s as a top brand along with Rolls Royce, Tiffany & Co, and Chanel No 5. Also on the list are cultural icons such as the Eiffel Tower, the Paper Clip, Mona Lisa, Slinky, Post-Its and Scrabble.

Group Brand Manager for Jack Daniels at Brown Forman Australia, Jonny Croft said, “Jack Daniel’s is thrilled to have secured a ranking in 100 Great Icons and we see our inclusion being reflective of the loyalty and passion that the Jack Daniel’s legend inspires.” Asked why he chose to include Jack Daniel’s in 100 Great Icons, Chris is quick to reply: “Some of the greatest icons have reached their level of respect and brand loyalty because of their makers’ history of ingenuity and sheer passion to do something, one particular thing, extremely well. Jack Daniels is one of these brands and, no matter where you are in the western world, it represents not only quality and taste, but also a special experience”

“Jack Daniel’s actually means something! From JD’s instantly-recognizable bottle design and label, to the type of person the drink has come to represent, to its unswerving brand values and its long history and great passion for providing a quality product in an unhurried fashion, Jack Daniel’s is undoubtedly a great icon. Oh, and it tastes mighty fine too!”

Jasper (”Jack”) Newton Daniel life was born sometime in September 1850. He became a runaway at age six and at only 13 years old, Jack inherited the distillery from a Lutheran preacher named Reverend Dan Call (who decided to give up alcohol to refocus back on spiritual matters).

At the age of 16 Jack officially registered the distillery with the US government (1866). Today it is the oldest registered distillery in the USA, as well as being on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ironically, Jack’s birthplace and the home of the renowned Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Lynchburg Tennessee, is a dry state and since prohibition times in 1933, you have not legally been able to buy a drink there!

The American icon’s life ended in 1911, when he developed gangrene after kicking an old safe.
Stand up and tell them what you think. Every Blog Post on It. Let them know the Legend Did not Break the Law. So why throw away His Great and Long lasting name.

• Nobody does this to Jack, NOBODY!



If you want to see a video of my kid drinking some shots of Jack click here

Those of you who actually know who I am will know how much this story hurts me. I was a member of a frat at Moorhead State named the Old Order Of Owls The Old Order of Owls from 91-96. I was first introduced to this delicious treat on my initiation weekend and have been a lover ever since. I always have a bottle in my freezer and the boys and I have been known to demolish more than one bar’s stock of it on an infamous reunion tour. Something needs to be done about this and it needs to be done right now. Ma Jackson would be rolling over in her grave right now. Someone call me… with efficiency and zeal.

Mystic 1136 (Keep my name to yourself should someone ask)

Historic Whiskey Could Go Down Drain

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Here’s a sobering thought: Hundreds of bottles of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, some of it almost 100 years old, may be unceremoniously poured down a drain because authorities suspect it was being sold by someone without a license.

Officials seized 2,400 bottles late last month during warehouse raids in Nashville and Lynchburg, the southern Tennessee town where the whiskey is distilled.