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We’re All Going To Burn Up… Oh wait.. Sorry that’s all crap!


For the last decade I’ve been consistently poo-pooing the whole Global Warming nonsense. But before I continue I want to say this, I love our planet and I think that anything that we can do to make it a cleaner more hospitable place is a good thing. I do not litter or light my fire-pit on no-burn days and I think we should try and make cleaner fuels to make the air more breathable. My son has asthma and often has days where he can barely breathe. It’s so bad in fact that we had to move from Florida to the desert here in Phoenix (actually outside of Phoenix due to the smog being so bad) because he couldn’t handle the humidity in Southern Florida.

So I look at taking care of the planet much like I do religion. I do not believe in God (Global Warming) but I do believe in the tenants of the church i.e. the Commandments and the lessons the bible teaches to get along with my fellow human beings and be a good person (turn off the lights, don’t run the water while I’m brushing my teeth, use CFL bulbs and don’t litter).

Now back to my poo-pooing of the Global Warming nonsense. From the begining I’ve thought this idea was ludicrous. Someone (Gore) is going to lecture all of us that the world was heating up and we’re all going to drown or burn to death. I always thought immediately of the great melt-down at the end of the last ice-age and was always stuck on the fact that man at the time was certainly not driving around SUVs and Mammoth farts couldn’t have been that bad. When the local weather guy can’t tell me that it’s going to rain tomorrow but in the second sentence tell me the planet has been warming and is going to get warmer still just seemed impossible. Does that make me a cynic? Probably, but it also makes me Kool-aide free.

So in the last few months it turns out that all of the data the Global Warming nuts were throwing in our faces was all a bunch of worthless crap. Completely and utterly worthless garbage that they made up to fit their agenda. They call us (Republicans) fear-mongers. Well “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” just as I’ve been saying since the beginning of this. Shoving data in our faces, ruining the lives of those who had the guts to come out against their agenda and basically helping to drive our economy into the ground with ethanol fuel subsidies and wind farms that have always turned out, just like Man-Bear-Pig, to be an utter bunch of bullshit. Don’t believe me? Keep reading or you can go here to see all of the scandals that have broken in the last few months as put together by Mark Landsbaum at the OC Register with an explanation of each. Here’s a sampling of those…

ClimateGate, FOIGate, ChinaGate, HimalayaGate, PachauriGate, PachauriGate II, SternGate, SternGate II, AmazonGate, PeerReviewGate, RussiaGate, Russia-Gate II, U.S.Gate, IceGate, ResearchGate, ReefGate, AfricaGate, DutchGate, AlaskaGate…

Al Gore and his now INCONVENIENT TRUTH and the left as well as those on the right who have jumped on this bandwagon should be ashamed of themselves. I would hope that many MANY lawsuits will follow this and put those who drove this hysteria back into the shadows where they belong with UFO nuts, bigfoot freaks and Mothman weirdos.

THERE has been no global warming for 15 years, a key scientist admitted yesterday in a major U-turn.

Professor Phil Jones, who is at the centre of the “Climategate” affair, conceded that there has been no “statistically significant” rise in temperatures since 1995.

The admission comes as new research casts serious doubt on temperature records collected around the world and used to support the global warming theory.

Researchers said yesterday that warming recorded by weather stations was often caused by local factors rather than global change….

… Ross McKitrick, of the University of Guelph, Canada, who was invited to review the IPCC’s last report said: “We concluded, with overwhelming statistical significance, that the IPCC’s climate data are contaminated with surface effects from industrialisation and data quality problems. These add up to a large warming bias.”


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