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Wax Museum


Last night I attended my son’s 5th grade “Wax Museum” event. Each student picked a famous person that changed the course of American history, did an essay and wrote a monologue. On his own free will my son chose Ronald Reagan, who could quite possibly be my greatest hero. We attended the event and it was really a great time. Each student stood motionless until you pressed the button on their shirts and they went into their monologues. I actually learned a few things too. Did you know that Helen Keller started the ACLU? Me either!

It was the entire 5th grade, 4 full classes of 30+ kids each. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Wright brothers, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Bruce Lee, Helen Keller and many other historical figures repeated in every class. But what made this Wax Museum trip remarkable was the following… In each of the 4 classes Sarah Palin was represented and there was even 2 in one class making it 5. How many Barack Hussein Obama‘s were there?

1… Just one Obama and zero Joe Biden’s, zero Pelosis, zero Janet Napolitanos, and zero Ernesto “Che” Guevaras .

How delicious is that? Comments?


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  1. Heather says:

    So, really – what did the kid who decided on Obama say? I bet it was, “Hope, change, hope, fundamental change, hope, change, hope.” Done and done!

    That’s pretty awesome that there were so many Sarah Palins! And who in their right mind would ever chose Pelosi? Or Biden? I reckon they’d get their asses kicked if they did something like that!

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