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80’s “FLARED” Flashback!


Welcome to Ed Gruberman’s 80’s “Flared” Flashback. Any child of the 80’s loves this shit. I know I do. To be blown back to Aquanet, big hair, pinned pants and Swatch Watches go below the fold…

This one is for Heather…

This one’s for Sarah…

This one’s for Rosetta

This one’s for… you know who you are…

This one’s for Lori Johnson who lived across the street from me in Burnsville… God you were so HOT!

This one goes out to every Jr. High School dance at Metcalf Jr. High

This one goes out to Skateville… Oh yeah…



  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for that! That was awesome, even though you thoroughly enjoyed my sister sabotaging my collection of Duran Duran posters in my room. 😦 Thanks for making me #1 on the list. And Lori was a mere #5… 😉 Memories…too funny.

  2. Ed says:

    Well you’re welcome! Ohhh Lori Johnson… she was sooo HOT! But you will always remain my first crush. Ok ok… enough niceness! Snap… Crack… WOOSH!

  3. TBOM says:

    best post in the history of the innertubes!!!!

  4. Ed says:

    Probably not. But I am good looking so thank you.

  5. barbbarb says:

    This is a awesome article. I will need to include you to my Feed list.

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