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One Like Putin


Apparently not new… But new too me…

So last night I was watching the Wyatt Earp special on PBS. As soon as it was over they did a little preview of the show that was coming on next. It was Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders , an interesting show to say the least, definitely worth a watch. So one of the segments on the show was a reporter going to Russia to learn about Propaganda music. She quickly stumbled onto the greatest most propagandalishious song ever made. So weird… soooo VERY weird. He actually uses this as his entrance music when he makes appearances! When asked about the song.. HE LOVES IT!

So I’m watching this and am just sitting there with my mouth open! Then I got to thinking… This looks familiar… VERY familiar… Can any of you tell me what it reminds you of? Well if you think you’re right…

Am I wrong? I’m not… Deny this Kool-Aid drinkers! Go ahead! I dare you! Try to tell me this video isn’t the same as the first… I’m waiting… You want more? Ok.. Go Below The fold…



  1. MCPO Airdale says:

    Marvelous observations. It’s all just variations of the same, “West Coast Offense”.

  2. Ed says:

    That show was really good. They had a segment on Borat and the effects of the movie on Kazakhstan. The major complaint they made was the fake national anthem featured in the movie. The outcome of their complaints was great. The composer who did the soundtrack for the movie, who is Sasha’s brother, felt so bad he wrote an entire symphony and it was performed at the most elegant hall in Kazakhstan. It was a cool show. Definitely worth a peek if you’re into music.

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