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Bird Swallows Rabbit… (Pictures)


I’m not kidding. A big heron picks up a cute fuzzy bunny, drowns it and then chugs it down. AWESOME CRUELTY! Click the images to make them bigger!

Obviously hungry, the adult bird, which averages about 100cm (3ft) in height and has a 1.95m (6ft) wingspan, made its move.

‘In a split second, the bird caught the rabbit,’ said Sprang. ‘I managed to take two photos and the bird flew away with its food in its bill.’

Sprang followed the bird by car. He added: ‘It landed in some water and I took several photos of the rest of the story.

‘I have often seen herons catching prey like mice and fish but catching a rabbit was a surprise.’

In the Netherlands, the grey heron has become very common and has moved into urban environments in great numbers.

There, the herons hunt as they usually would but also make use of food discarded by humans and even visit zoos at feeding times.


  1. Vicki says:

    Wow, that is very bizarre. I often see blue herons near my home. I never imagined them as such ravenous creatures. I never even suspected they ate mammals. Great photos, but a bit unsettling.

  2. Ed says:

    It is very unsettling. I had someone tell me that in the neighborhood they lived in a Heron was spotted struggling near a pond. The game warden went to pick it up and it stuck it’s beak through his neck and he bled to death in just a few seconds.

    Next to bears America’s Biggest Threat… Herons.

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