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Burn In Hell Part III


Again I stand by the idea of giving these kids to me for a weekend. We’ll see what they are like after that.

Cops looking for youngsters who burned pit bull to death
Philadelphia Daily News

Motivated by whatever inspires the minds of the sadistic, three or four youngsters burned a pit bull to a crisp Thursday.The kids first took the dog for a walk. Then, when they got to their destination – the rail tracks near the Olney train station – they went to work, covering the pit bull with a towel, dousing it with lighter fluid and finally setting the mutt ablaze, said George Bengal, chief law-enforcement officer for the Pennsylvania SPCA.

PSPCA officials yesterday announced a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the sickos who burned the pit bull to death.

Local residents spotted “three or four juveniles” near the scene Thursday night and called police.

Bengal said when he and his partner got out to the scene, on Tabor Road near Mascher, at about 6:15 p.m., they found cans of lighter fluid and the horrific remains of the still-smoldering dog.

“It appears these kids had nothing better to do than set a dog on fire,” he said. “It’s appalling.”

Investigators found tags on the dog and are trying to track down the owner, Bengal added.

Another lifeless dog was found in a trash bag just a few feet away from the remains of the burned animal. It appeared the dog in the bag had been there for about a week, Bengal said.

The discovery of the dead dogs came just a few weeks after District Attorney Lynne Abraham appointed Barbara Paul, an assistant district attorney, to specifically handle animal-cruelty cases.

Abraham noted at the time that the number of animal-cruelty cases in the city were dramatically rising, and referred to research that suggested people who harm animals are more likely to commit other violent acts.

“How we treat our animals is a reflection upon society as a whole,” she said.

Anyone with information can contact the PSPCA at 1-866-601-SPCA or e-mail cruelty@pspca.org.


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