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Let’s Get It On!


Stolen directly and with no guilt from Wicked Pinto and the effervescent Rosetta.

In their corner:

Smelly fucking hippies, union thugs, MoveOn.org, snobs, terrorist sympathizers, PETA, elitists, Olbermann, jackasses, Kos Kids, soymilk drinkers, Chris Matthews, crybabies, whiners, America haters, pussies, The New York Times, lazy fuckers, fake tits, scolds, militant drag queens, atheists, John Kerry, victims, liars, baby killers, thieves, Code Pink, douche bags, tree huggers, felons, scumbags and general fucking assholes, crackheads and losers.

In our corner:

Entrepreneurs, rugged individualists, soldiers, mothers, God-fearing church goers, small-town folk, gun toters, ass kickers, George W. Bush, Fox News, CEO’s, business owners, baby lovers, hot chicks, Hank Williams, Jr, Swift Boat vets, beer drinkers, hard workers, the well-mannered, real boobs, the charitable, Dick Cheney, a fucking shitload of bombs, Ace of Spades, cowboys, hard workers, the friggin’ Jooos, patriots, the brave, Pat Buchanan, strippers, winners and Kid fucking Rock….

Also hot triplets with an American Flag painted on their hot triplet bodies….

Let’s roll.

God Bless America! Have Your Liberal Spayed Or Neutered!

God Bless America! Have Your Liberal Spayed Or Neutered!


  1. Rosetta says:

    NICE!!!! I need to have that photo in my toolbox.

    We’re back at Hostages if you want to hang.

    We were trying out some new chat thing at DPUD for a while but I’m done with that.

  2. Miguel says:

    Dude I feel your frustration and anger at all the idiots you named Thanks for the stress relief with the painted on flag! You’re a real patriot.

  3. Wickedpinto says:



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