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Pig With A Monkey’s Face


Wanna see the weirdest animal I’ve ever seen? This is it…

Villagers were shocked after a monkey-like piglet was born in China.

Mutant pig /Quirky China News

Curious locals flocked to the home of owner Feng Changlin after news of the piglet spread in Fengzhang village, Xiping township.

“It’s hideous. No one will be willing to buy it, and it scares the family to even look at it!” Feng told Oriental Today.

He says the piglet looks just like a monkey, with two thin lips, a small nose and two big eyes. Its rear legs are also much longer than its forelegs, causing it to jump instead of walk.

Feng’s wife said the monkey-faced piglet was one of five newborns of a sow which the family had raised for nine years.

“My God, it was so scary. I didn’t known what it was. I was really frightened,” she said.

“But our son likes to play with it, and he stopped us from getting rid of it. He even feeds it milk.”

Neighbours have suggested the couple keep the piglet to see how it looks as it matures.



  1. pajama momma says:

    I swear I saw a kid like that at the public pool yesterday.

  2. Rosetta says:


  3. Ed says:

    It’s totally cereal! Hey I’ve goit a great post I’m putting up today, it’s a serious one, about Sheriff Joe and the Immigration problem we have here in Az. so check back later. I know you guys aren’t as serious on the political front but it’s a great story that really shows the hypocrisy of the left. Thanks for checking in and commenting. It seems all I get is trolls nowadays!

  4. Rosetta says:

    I’m very serious about politics but it’s more fun to post boobs and stuff. Ha.

    Where do your trolls come from do you think? I really wish we had some. Mocking trolls is one of my favorite things.

    And Sherrif Joe needs to be Secretary of Homeland Security.

  5. Ed says:

    I have really tried hard to take advantage of the metatags and categories available to me on wordpress. A ton of my traffic comes from the actual wordpress categories page but I get even more from Google Images. I get nearly 1000 hits a day on. Oh as a side not you were the 75,000 hit on my blog this year. Congrats!

    jack daniels
    deanna favre
    nancy pelosi sucks
    harry poopy pants

    Yes that says Nancy Pelosi Sucks. But I think there are a lot of Worpress users that have their Tag Surfer option cram-packed with stuff like Obama, Elections, Congress, Pelosi, Government blah blah blah. Plus as soon as I get a Troll I mock and make fun of them so they forward me onto other sites. Here is my favorite trolls comment so far. It was when I did the interview with the Pakistan Spectator, here’s the comment he left on the Pakistan Spectator web page but he Trolls me all the time…

    The Taliban are tough, way tougher than the CIA, Navy Seals, Blackwater mercenaries or any western fighting force – because these people have nothing except their fervent religious beliefs. Take my word for it: the Taliban will wear down the NATO forces in Afghanistan till they succeed in reclaiming their country.

  6. Rosetta says:

    I was 75,000?!?! SWEET!!! What do I win?

    Why do you think you get so many hits from Google Images?

    I don’t know how to find out any of that stuff.

    And that troll comment is pretty funny.

    Take my word for it: the Taliban will wear down the NATO forces…

    Oh OK.

  7. pajama momma says:

    I loved sheriff Joe. I lived in Peoria from 2004- 2005. Got a kick out of him and his pink undies.

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