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Media Gets Giddy With Obama Lust


Is there any question that the media is in the tank for the Obama Party? Not after this…


  1. scottymck says:

    Sorry, I’m too busy puking to respond!

  2. jruhl says:

    I just hope people wake up soon. If Obama wins this country will be in for more than a 4 year distaster.

  3. scottymck says:

    If they don’t have cable and haven’t discovered that there is a frquency band called “A.M.” on the radio, I fear that there is no chance that they will ever discover the problems with “Bob” (that what I call Barack OBama).

    It does’t even matter, really. The people I have talked to that are voting for him don’t know what the issues are and when I point out that “Bob” is against almost everything that they believe in, they ignore even his own statements, calling it all a Right-wing conspircy.

  4. Ed says:

    This guy really scares the crap out of me. I can almost see the strings as he dances and sings his way into power. Very very scary.

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