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John McAmnesty… The First Mexican President!


Ok. Let me say that this is making me sick. I defend the right everyday, but I can’t get half a man for president. John McCain has put onto his staff the worst of the worst when it comes to immigration. Juan Hernandez as Hispanic Outreach Director… What the hell is he thinking? Maybe he’s thinking that he will get the left to vote for him instead of Obama? No, not even the biggest idiot walking God’s Green Earth would believe that. Maybe he thinks that us on the right wouldn’t notice someone like Hernandez joining his staff because “he supports my policies and my proposals and my legislative proposal to secure the borders first.” Nah… probably not. Well, Ol’ Lettuce McAmnesty got called on it and what was his answer?

So just in-case you don’t know who Juan Hernandez is…

Hot Air really spanks this yahoos pinatas…

Hernandez is also on the record advocating a “Mexico first” policy for Mexican-Americans who have been living in the US for generations. The Soros-connected former Mexican cabinet officer is also on the record as seeing the US, Mexico and Canada as a bloc or region within which there shouldn’t be borders. Unless those policies sync with McCain’s, Hernandez does not agree with McCain’s policies. He might be on the senator’s staff for some other reason, but policy agreement isn’t it. Unless, of course, McCain agrees with Hernandez’s policies. And if that’s the case, the voters ought to know about it.


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  1. in2thefray says:

    Nice post. I was getting some word on this and you’ve laid it out well. The “Straight Talk Express” is running on flats and needs to be pulled over and impounded.

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