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So I have said before that I’m thinking about getting out of the industry I work in. For those of you who know me know that I have been a Graphic Designer for almost 10 years now and currently I am working in the construction/hospitality area of the field building hotel lobbies and homebuilder showcases. Unfortunately my profession right now is incredibly boring. I’m good at what I do, but sitting at a computer all day is… snoring… Well, I’ve found my new profession. Hanging out at parties and events, making $50 and hour just looking… HOT!

Hired to be hot

During Super Bowl XLII, it pays about $25 to $50 an hour, to be specific.

From Tuesday through Feb. 3, experts estimate 1,000 women from Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles will be paid to look pretty at parties ranging from the invite-only Maxim bash at Stone Rose to the Bud Bowl concerts at Axis/Radius.

Gorgeous Size 0s, 2s and 4s attended casting calls as far back as July, hoping to book jobs this week as hostesses, celebrity liaisons, informal models, go-go dancers and product representatives.

They’ll wear false eyelashes, bronzer and layers of lip gloss, along with whatever ensembles their clients tell them to, chatting up guests at the Sports Illustrated party, walking the red carpet at the P. Diddy block party and passing out shots wearing all-white Snow Queen costumes at the Snow Queen Vodka Leather & Laces party.

The women are in such high demand because most athletes and celebrities don’t come to parties with mixed-gender entourages. Sometimes they don’t come with big entourages at all, said Scottsdale-based promoter Steve LeVine, who is booking his group of women, the Scottsdale 16, for several events.

“If you stock the party with a ton of pretty girls and a bunch of celebrities, you’re set up for a home run party,” he said. “Why would you not want to know that a certain number of really pretty women are guaranteed to come to your party?”

Arizona State University junior Jenny Stathos, 20, of Tempe, still isn’t sure what she’ll be wearing to the Super Thursday P. Diddy concert and Nick Lachey/Jimmie Johnson party at Axis/Radius in Scottsdale.

But she’s thrilled to be part of the Scottsdale 16, attending several parties during Super Bowl week, and representing the Valley at VIP bashes throughout the rest of the year.

She’s looking forward to meeting the cast of the HBO show Entourage at their Friday night Myst party and hopes her mind doesn’t go blank if she runs into Brad Pitt at the Maxim party Saturday.

“I’ll just try to be myself; I won’t want to be cheesy,” she said about possibly meeting Justin Timberlake at the P.Diddy concert Thursday.

“But I don’t want to be a stalker, because I know everything about him. I’m kind of obsessed,” she laughed.

Stathos, a sporty size 2, would, of course, never act like a stalker. That would violate one of the key rules to being a hired hottie: don’t embarrass yourself.

Other rules: Don’t get drunk, don’t eat, don’t carry a cell phone, don’t do anything unethical, don’t leave the party until the time agreed upon.

The women also must look their best, act “classy,” and agree to any additional terms set by the clients, according to Aron Mezo, who runs PEM, a Scottsdale-based event coordinating and talent casting business.

“We need a girl that’s poised and classy and thinks quickly on her feet,” said Mezo.

“These girls aren’t being hired to be statues. Their appearance gets them in the door, but personality is what gets them called back.”

And even if it’s a Hollywood heavy-hitter who asks, they are not to go home with guests.

PEM is one of about five year-round party talent staffing firms in the Valley and has booked 200 to 250 women to work during Super Bowl week. Jobs range from nearly nude body paint models to organic clothing models to tour guides at the Hanes Style Villa.

Typically, the 18- to 35 year-old women represented by his firm work at trade shows, in bars as shot girls, in print advertising or even at parties as raffle-ticket sellers.

But the most coveted job is that of hostess, said Phuong Nguyen, 27, a full-time promotional model from Scottsdale.

She’s worked the MTV Video Awards in Las Vegas, parties at the Playboy Mansion and sporting events all over the Valley. She was even a swimsuit model at Matt Leinart’s birthday party at the Mondrian Scottsdale in the spring.

“You get paid to party. You don’t have to worry about getting into the event . . . And sometimes you can get your friends in,” she said. “The food is always amazing; the drinks are always flowing; it’s a great time.”


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