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• “Lovely” Logan Lee Vs. Thomas Midol


Ok, for those of you in-the-know I had my first pro-wrestling match since my unretirement. It was Saturday night for an indy-fed XJam Wrestling.

I was facing off against a real taint-polisher by the name of Thomas Idol/Midol. I in fact whipped his long hair havin, shiny pants wearing, bike seat sniffin, turd burgularin, pasty, pot smoking ass. I just looked at him and thought… Murtha. So it went well and I booked a few more shows off of it so that’s good. Here’s a pic for you all who don’t believe me…




  1. nicedeb says:

    Oh, my God!


  2. Rosetta says:

    HA!!! I missed this!!

    Ed, this is a GREAT pic! Hahahahaha.

    Poor, poor long-haired smelly hippy.

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