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• (Video) Denver Diversity Video Discriminates


I don’t think for a second that the guy in this video is actually capable of surviving a single day in the US. Not even with the closest friends could I ever see something like this being allowed by the people around me. I certainly wouldn’t let one of my friends or coworkers get away with this without popping them in the mouth. That being said I do know somewhere out there this guy is one of your coworkers, and for that I recommend a stapler stuffed into a sock.

But as far as this being racist against whitey I have to agree. If this was a black guy making the jokes about whitey or a Mexican against an Asain I think it would get jumped on and the producers would be shoved in front of Sharpton and made to grovel and apologize. But because it’s a white, middle aged male it is sort of overlooked. All I know is that I think it could have been done better. Possibly in a way that didn’t show any race making fun of another. But other races have made making fun of white people tolerable. Unfortunately subtle racism is worse than outright. Below this is a video showing racism against whitey going mainstream.

Anyways comment away.




(AP/CBS4) DENVER A diversity training video has drawn a complaint from a Denver city employee who claims its unfavorable portrayal of whites amounts to “institutional racism.”

The video titled, “Laughing Matters — Think About It,” features a white, blue-collar worker named Billy who’s portrayed as racist, sexist, and clueless while illustrating inappropriate humor.

“Diversity, to me, doesn’t mean hammer the white guy,” said Dennis Supple, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning mechanic who said he’s considering filing a lawsuit. “Diversity means you have respect for everyone, regardless of their race, their gender, their religion, their sexual orientation.”

City Councilman Charlie Brown said he’s also offended by the video and has written a letter to Mayor John Hickenlooper questioning the use of the video.

“The only thing left out was the white plumber’s crack when (the actor) bends over to work,” he said.

The 8-minute video was developed by the city’s Diversity Advisory Committee and the city’s cable channel. Kathy Maloney, a spokeswoman for the Career Service Authority, said the video is part of a one- to three-hour discussion that is moderated by a trainer, who is supposed to make clear that no one group is being targeted.

Maloney said Supple’s complaint would be taken into consideration when the video is updated in the next year or two.

Denver’s diversity manager sent Brown a letter that said the video received many accolades, positive feedback and the department has received requests from outside organizations to use the tape.

Supple is asking the city to discontinue using the video. He plans to leave his legal options open.

CBS4 attempted to contact a member of the city’s Diversity Advisory Committee. No one was available for comment.

Mainstream Racism:


  1. jonolan says:

    But “Diversity” means that White people have to come to accept that they were just born bad, born culpable, and born racist. It means that men must come to accept that they were just born bad, born culpable, and born sexist.

  2. Ed says:

    WHY MUST I BE WHITE AND MALE! AHHHHH! Ohhh cruel universe what a bitch thou art!

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