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• Shhhh… Racism Trial… Whites Awarded?


Wow… this is a first for me. I’ve never actually seen something like this happen before. How much time will NBC/ABC/CBS/PBS/CNN give to this tonight? I bid… $1! Be ready for riots.

New Orleans, State to Pay $3.4M Judgment

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – The city and the state of Louisiana will pay the bulk of a $3.4 million racial discrimination judgment against the New Orleans District Attorney’s Office, officials announced Tuesday.

The judgment was awarded to 36 employees, 35 white and one Hispanic, who were fired and replaced by black employees shortly after Eddie Jordan took over as the city’s first black district attorney in 2003.

Under the agreement outlined at a conference, the city will pay about one third of the judgment, or more than $1.1 million. The state will pay about $1.6 million, subject to approval by a legislative committee later this year. The District Attorney’s Office, which already has paid $300,000, will pay $300,000 more.

The city and state had been disputing who has responsibility for the office.

Jordan, who was not personally liable in the lawsuit, maintains race played no role in the firings.

He resigned last week amid mounting criticism as high-profile cases fell apart, veteran prosecutors left and the city’s violent crime rate soared. Long before the judgment threatened to bankrupt the office, charges had been dropped and a backlog of criminal cases moved slowly through the courts.

The district attorney’s office, with a $12 million annual budget, had struggled to find a way to pay the judgment. The former employees’ attorneys had frozen some of the office’s accounts and threatened to confiscate its assets.

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  1. TRM says:

    Al? Jesse? ACLU? EEOC? anyone out there?

  2. Ed says:

    There they go… always blaming the black man… oh yeah, it was a black man.

  3. jonolan says:

    LOL! “Chocolate City” better get with the “Vanilla Swirl” program – oh and add some chapulines on top too ;P

    Gods, I love those rare situations where the Rule of Law triumphs over the “race card” – the Ace of Spades in most cases.

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