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Immigration Debate Spurs ACLU Arrest In Phoenix


A few weeks ago, Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested 6 day laborers near Pruitt’s Furniture. The Sheriff stepped in after the Phoenix police were not responding to the complaints that Pruitt’s Furniture had made about the gathering of day laborers near their store. This upset the “Latino community.” They protested and called for a useless boycott against Pruitt’s furniture. Read more of the story here.

ACLU wacko Daniel Pachoda

PHOENIX — The legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona was arrested Saturday during a demonstration at a Phoenix store that has been a site of controversy over illegal immigrant day laborers.

Capt. Paul Chagolla said Daniel Pochoda was arrested as activists demonstrated in front of Pruitt’s Furniture and that Pochoda is accused of misdemeanor trespassing.

Deputies said they warned Pochoda six times to leave, but he refused.

The owners of Pruitt’s have complained that their business is being harmed by day laborers’ presence. Sheriff’s deputies have responded with arrests, drawing protests from immigration rights activists.

“I’m not their favorite guy,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. “They’ve sued me. I think this guy (Pochoda) is involved in a lawsuit against me. You think that’s going to bother me?”

Bystanders came by to shake the sheriff’s hand. One woman told Arpaio, “You kick butt.”

“It’s a disgrace that private businesses can be intimidated by activists that don’t like the immigration laws that this sheriff is enforcing,” Arpaio said.

“We as people who are trying to fight for a cause, we need to understand also the feelings and the exasperation of all of those businesses who feel affected by this situation,” said Elias Bermudez of Immigrants Without Borders.

Activists also protested last Saturday in front of Pruitt’s. They said they were supporting illegal immigrants and day laborers.

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