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When will they get it? When will they stop acting like they have the moral high-ground? I know, they won’t stop until their Bush-Derangement Syndrome has somehow proven him wrong. Their children will hopefully see them for what they are. Disgraces.

Democrats controlling the House of Representatives will try again to bring American combat in Iraq to an end when it debates legislation this week tying new war funds to troop withdrawals, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday.

The legislation, similar to a bill President George W. Bush vetoed earlier this year, “gives voice to the concerns of the American people” over a war that is now in its fifth year and “with no light at the end of the tunnel,” Pelosi, a California Democrat, said.

As early as Friday, the House will debate the plan that would give Bush only $50 billion of the $196 billion in new funds he has asked for to continue fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the money would go to Iraq.

The House repeatedly this year has passed legislation aimed at ending the Iraq war, only to see it die in the Senate or killed by Bush.

Congress is expected to consider the rest of the funding sometime next year.

Pelosi said the money would fund the war for another four months. But as they have done in the past, House Democrats will try to attach conditions requiring the Pentagon to immediately begin withdrawing some of the 169,000 troops in Iraq and with the goal of completing the withdrawal by December, 2008.

Pelosi sidestepped a reporter’s question on whether congressional support for the idea has grown enough to overturn an inevitable veto by Bush.

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  1. Jamelle says:

    Have you ever considered that people opposed to the war aren’t necessarily driven by “Bush-Derangement Syndrome” or an irrational hatred of the United States?

    Have you ever considered the possibility that there are plenty of honest, hard-working, patriotic Americans who nonetheless see the war as being a bad idea for a variety of reasons, and want it to end?

    Have ever considered that the many Americans against the war simply want American soldiers to stop dying?

    I don’t understand why so many people are so quick to assume the worst of there fellow citizens, for the most part, we’re all aiming for the same thing, the betterment of our country.

  2. Ed says:

    Jamelle, you don’t honestly believe that the Dems who are mentioned above want to bring the troops home because they want to save their lives do you? I hope not. I am going to make 4 points and let you answer.

    1. Every soldier knows when they take their oath that they could die. They do not go into the military for pillow fights and cake eating contests. They go in knowing they are going to kick someone’s ass and have a better chance of being blown up than say you or I.

    2. The dems mentioned above are doing what they are doing to make the president veto bills that contain more than just bringing the soldiers home. The bill in discussion above contains the basic monetary funds needed to run the military, however the dems have added an amendment saying that the troops need to be home by 2008 knowing full well that the president will veto it because of the withdrawal amendment and they are going to say that the president isn’t sending money to the troops. “Bush-Derangement Syndrome”… Another case in point the SChip bill. Bush said he would veto the bill if it came to him with more than the amount he wanted and was proven to be the right amount. The libs then sent it to him knowing he would have to veto it. They waited a week to send it to him so that they could get out on TV during that time and say “If the President vetoes this it’s because he hates children” and they used it for politicking. Most bills go the president the same day. “Bush-Derangement Syndrome”… If you don’t believe me in the next comment I will prove it.

    3. I would not think that people opposed to the war aren’t necessarily driven by “Bush-Derangement Syndrome” or an irrational hatred of the United States if the people who are representing the people who want to end the war weren’t the people mentioned above who have “Bush-Derangement Syndrome”… They have consistently been cowards, liars, quitters and have turned what American soldiers do best, bring freedom to others when they could choose to stay at home and be “safe”, and shoved their political agendas in their faces. Harry Reid said on WORLD WIDE TELEVISION that “The War IS Lost”. Pelosi went over to Syria and told them that “We want to talk it out with you” and said she was a representative of the US and Israeli government, she is neither. Jack Murtha accused our Marines of “Committing cold blooded murder”… Lies Lies Lies.

    4. If we bring all of the troops home, let’s say tomorrow, then where are they going to work? Are you going to give them a job? Do you think the Dems who consistently and have been shown to hate the troops are going to let them sit around and still get paid? Who’s going to pay for their kids, their insurance, their social security, and their house payments? Not the Dems, Bill Clinton cut the military budget while he was president by, what… 75%?.

    Jamelle, blogs like mine are for people like you to have a chance to see the other side of the issues you are presented with everyday. Go to any MilBlogger and you’ll see the truth of what’s going on over there. Please don’t think that I haven’t thought all of this through. I have. Have you?

  3. Jamelle says:

    Okay, I’ll try to answer each of your objections/claims.

    1. I completely understand that our soldiers “sign the dotted line” as it were. And soldiers – acting as agents of the state – are responsible only for fighting wars. It is our responsibility, as citizens, to ensure that our soldiers are only sent to fight and die when it’s absolutely necessary.

    2. I don’t think that qualifies as a case of “Bush Derangement Syndrome,” I think it qualifies as playing politics. Like it or not, war is a political decision and a political act, and as such, can be ended or extended through political means.

    3. I think that in some sense you’re misrepresenting both the purpose of the United States Military and the intentions of our service members. For the former, it’s important to understand that the U.S. Military isn’t here to “spread freedom” or “defend liberty,” they are here to protect the interests of the United States. Now what that means is up in the air, but usually, it’s a reference to our economic interests. I don’t see that as a bad thing. And I think that it is dangerous to paint our soldiers as always fighting for nebulous concepts such as “freedom,” because it obscures why we have a foreign policy.

    Now, on the issue of congressional leadership. I don’t think I could ever convince you that Pelosi, Reed, Murtha etc. aren’t liars, cowards etc. So instead I’ll refer to my former point. War is a political action, and they are just playing politics.

    4. So, I’m not sure if you understand the structure of the U.S. military here. For the vast majority of those serving in Iraq, the military is their career. Meaning, that if they return home en mass, most will have jobs to return to, namely, they’ll return to bases around the world to rest and train. For those reservists, there are laws that prevent them from being fired. Now I agree, we don’t do as much as we should to help our veterans, but truth be told, that’s a bipartisan problem.

    I appreciate the response, and again, I’m just asking that you not assume bad faith on part of your fellow citizens.

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