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• (Video) NICOLAS SARKOZY: French President’s Speech to U.S. Congress


Update: Obama must be embarrassed that SARKOZY came to our country and didn’t speak English… or maybe it’s that he’s embarrassed that he went overseas and didn’t speak French or German or Hebrew or Persian or…

This is the speech that all of us have been waiting for from our own President. I watched this and got goosebumps. I have officially stopped calling them Freedom Fries, and gone back to French Fries. The same holds true for French Toast. Watch this video…

By the way, here is the first comment on the YouTube page where I found this, this is the Democratic Party’s voice. Only they could say this after listening to his speech.

Go back to France you asshole and choke on your neo-con agenda along with your sickening “vin, fromage et du pan”.

No one gives a f… about what this french fascistic fag has to say to a dying fascistic regime in Washington.

Thanks to NiceDeb

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  1. nicedeb says:

    You know, it really makes me sad that there are so many America-hating Americans out there.

    If you love America, you’re a fascist, now.


  2. Ed says:

    I know, it makes me sick. Check out his YoutTube Page.


    I think I’m gonna pick a fight with this prick…


  3. marco says:

    I think that the French president gives a very inspiring speech. I too believe in the greatness of the American democracy, of the high acheivements of the past, of the potential for the future of humanity, and our role in improving the lot of americans and bolstering the dignity of the common man as an example for the world.
    I do not believe that democracy calls for the silencing of the voices of dissent however,and in fact believe that it is only in allowing a debate on all issues that we maintain a true democracy. Yes, these issues are complex, but that complexity requires a closer scrutiny, and not a whitewashing with a solution of ready mixed nationality.
    It is all too easy to lose sight of real solutions to the problems of humanity in the heat of political wars, and to blow the trumpet of freedom every time we can create a false sense of victory, to the detriment of human values and basic rights. What kind of example do we set for the world community when we indulge in rampant self interest and war for profit, as well as blatantly disregarding the views of the United Nations.
    We need to stop spending all of our energy on political posturing and realize that reason and trust are what bring peace to any conflict. We are in the habit of committing bloody wars in the name of all that is good. The end of war is not peace, but only death, mostly for the innocents. Peace comes only through reasonable solutions and negotiations toward workable agreements (trust). Why not begin to realize that it is possible to skip the part where we have the bloody wars, and go straight to the part where we work toward equitable solutions? Thank you, Marco

  4. Ed says:

    Well said Marco. However:

    “Why not begin to realize that it is possible to skip the part where we have the bloody wars, and go straight to the part where we work toward equitable solutions?”

    Never when these are the animals we are trying to hug-it-out with:

  5. TRM says:

    Anyone ever notice he kinda looks like Sly Stallone?

  6. Ed says:

    Vous allez regretter ceci le reste de votre vie… les deux secondes de lui.

    It’s a Stallone quote… but from what?

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