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• (Video) Anti-illegal Alien Protester Beaten By Illegal Alien Day Laborers


Before we get to the dirt let me just say a few things, however if you want to skip my rant go down to the picture and start reading. I live in the Phoenix metro area and have for over 10 years. I speak first hand when I say that illegal immigrants are taking over the southern US and am not surprised at story that follows. However I completely understand why they want to come here. This is the greatest country on Earth and if I were not here I guarantee you I would do whatever I could to get here. But, and this is a BIG but, I would take no chances of getting caught here illegally and be sent back to the place I’m trying to escape, so I would come here LEGALLY! Why get a taste of the US only to have it taken away because you came here illegally? For god sakes we just want them to sign the guest-book on the way in!

This is the thing I fear the most for my wife and children. They run up to Home Depot to get a plunger only to have boulders thrown at their heads and stomped into unconsciousness. These people who come here are escaping the crime and desperate life they live in most of Mexico and other parts of the world. Having been down there many times these desperate people are coming from the worst life you could imagine. So for them to be less than wary of committing violence, stealing, gang activities and any other number of heinous crimes should be no surprise to anyone. That being said, those who are going to argue with me that they are “Just looking for a job man” or “most of them are here to do the jobs we won’t do man” explain how this sort of thing can happen…


This is Dennis Slater. He heads the Southern California group No More Invasion. Lately they have been protesting sanctuary churches, but they also protest day labor sites. They do this almost every weekend in an attempt to get people to hire legal workers at temporary employment agencies.

Ironically, this attack occurred on Dennis’ last scheduled protest. He and his fiancee are expecting the birth of their son very soon so he wanted to take a short break.

This Saturday Dennis Slater was ganged up on by a dozen or more day laborers as they were ending their protest. Most of the NMI members had just driven off when the attack occurred. The day laborers threw bicycles, paint cans, and rocks larger than softballs at Dennis until he was on the ground. Then they beat and kicked him. His head was split open by a large rock and it took eleven staples to close the open wound. He lost a lot of blood. His eye was bruised and his arm was cut up badly. They only let up on their attack after Dennis fended them off with pepper spray. They meant to kill him.

Most of the perpetrators are easily identified but so far no one has been arrested. After the attack, the 100+ day laborers in the parking lot ran away. Dennis has a Lawyer working with him already.

The attack on Dennis was lead by the individual seen in this old video spitting on a woman and assaulting several others.

Go here for more reports and images
H/T to Immigration Watchdog

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  1. ChenZhen says:

    I’m with you on this one. By law, our country is like a gated community. Except we have some busted ass gates.

    It’s too bad that the attack wasn’t caught on video, though.

  2. Ed says:

    I spoke to the person who this came from and they actually have the video but for investigative purposes they are keeping it quiet.
    She said they video tape everything at the protests for this very reason.

    I think in order to close the gates we just need to start a chupacabra rumor and get some people in costumes like on “The Village” to run around down here in the desert. That should stop ’em.

  3. TRM says:

    I think Oklahoma is doing exactly what needs to happen, no ID, employeers go to jail for hiring them and no more social services.
    They will leave by the millions…

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