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• Approval Ratings? We Don’t Need No Stinking Approval Ratings!


Once again our favorite “out of touch” Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going against everything we, the American People, have stood up and told him “No” and slapped his nose with a rolled up newspaper about. What the hell is this douchnozzel thinking? I’ll tell you what he’s thinking, he’s thinking that he can court the Hispanic vote in order to clinch the ’08 election. But with his and Pelosi’s approval rating below that of even George Bush why doesn’t he/them understand the voice of the American people? It’s as if he looks at us and sees us all as illiterate morons. How many times will he have to have this “REFORM” shot down before they get it?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Declares Commitment to Comprehensive Immigration Reform on Azteca America’s Political Forum ‘Issues: Caras y Voces’

They can do all the mean spirited things they want. I’m going to move ahead with an agenda that is positive. It’s easy to be negative. What we need to do of course is comprehensive immigration reform. We didn’t do that. We were stopped by the Republicans. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to do the right thing.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ — Azteca America, the fastest-growing Hispanic television network in the United States, is proud to have hosted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on this Monday’s broadcast of “Issues: Caras y Voces,” a political forum hosted by veteran Latino journalist Armando Guzman.

Senator Reid (D-NV), who has been Democratic Leader since 2004, and a member of Congress since 1982, is one of the strongest proponents of a comprehensive immigration reform in Washington. He was named Senate Majority Leader earlier this year.

Although Senator Reid recognized that President Bush is more supportive of immigration reform than other factions of his party, Senator Reid questioned the President’s resolve to move forward on immigration reform.

“His party is split. What does the President of the United States want to do?” questioned Senator Reid.

Although he recognized that immigration reform remains an uphill battle in the current electoral climate, Senator Reid, said he remains determined.

“That is what we came here for … to solve the hard things … “



  1. bmac says:

    I love Aztec Camera! One of the best bands of the 80’s!

    But seriously….Reid is playing to the hispanic base in Vegas, he’s not up for re-election till 2010, and by then, Vegas will be Tijuana.

  2. Ed says:

    He’s such a tool. How can people look at him and say to themselves, “I like that guy, I’m gonna vote for him, he seems like an honest guy, I trust him, I think he has my best interest in mind…”?

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