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• (Video) Devin Hester… Wow…


I saw this the other day on someone’s blog and now I can’t find it, if it’s you let me know so I can give some props. But I just wanted to take a second to mention Devin Hester the punt-returner for the Bears. This is guy is just incredible and he deserves a big WOW from me. I love to see someone working who’s found the thing in life that they were born to do, Jordan, Earnheardt, Me and Devin Hester.

NFL records



  • Most regular season kick and punt returns (eight)***
  • Most kickoff return yards in a game (225 yards) – Against St. Louis on December 11, 2006
  • Most punt return yards in a game (152 yards) – Against Arizona on October 16, 2006
  • Most punt return yards in a season (518 yards) – 2006 season

*Shared with Ellis Hobbs and Nathan Vasher
**Shared with five others
***Shared with Gale Sayers



  1. Tino says:

    Pretty impressive resume for a guy so young isn’t it?

  2. eddiebear says:

    I honestly wonder why teams still kick to him

  3. Ed says:

    Hey check this out on another post, go to the comments at the end. Do you think I’m ok editing my comment like I did at the end. this is happened a few minutes ago…


  4. OMAR says:

    The video is no longer available.

    From Peter King, “In 22 career regular-season games, he has nine special-teams returns for touchdown. The record for special-teams returns for touchdowns: 13, by Brian Mitchell — in 223 career games. Hester is on pace to break Mitchell’s record in one-eighth the number of games Mitchell played. Absurd.”

    Yes. Absurd. Why would anyone kick to him this year?

  5. Ed says:

    Damn that’s good. Last week they didn’t kick to him at all. But given his speed, he should be able to field that ball anywhere on the field regardless if it’s kicked to him or not. Or better yet shovel it off to him in an end-around or something on the return. His odds at making something happen are better than any other player touching it.

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