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• IDOE Spending Working Hours On Ed Gruberman!


If I’m going overboard on this just tell me…

I was going through my comments today and saw a new one on “Calling All Rogue Snipers, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will tour Ground Zero”. I may be going overboard but I hate seeing our tax dollars wasted. Even if it is on my blog. So… here it is:

We americans are dumber than pigeons, arent we! Its foolish to think Iran would detonate one A bomb (considering it takes 15 years to develop)…when America has 10k and Israel has a little less.

Anyone have common sense at this site? (no need to answer).

When a moron becomes the President of a country, like GB, then we can look at its citizenry as having the same level of intelligence.

It was posted by someone with the mysterious name The H! I was comletely sent into an overwhelming violent rage and broke several keyboards pounding back my reply which you can read on the post. But I wasn’t finished with him/her/it yet and wanted to see where they were typing from. Those of you with WordPress know you can look at their IP address with impunity. So I did and low and behold it was coming from…

Indiana Department of Education
Division of Exceptional Learners
Room 229, State House
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798
Local Telephone: 317/232-0570
Toll Free: 1-877-851-4106
Facsimile: 317/232-0589

The division ensures that Indiana is in compliance with the federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, through monitoring of special education programs, oversight of community and residential programs, provision of mediation and due process rights, and sound fiscal management. The division includes High Ability Education, which administers grants, operates four resource centers, and provides workshops and materials suited to the needs of the gifted and talented population.

I was really debating what to do with this and since I am bored… I’m going to start calling them in the morning using the following phone directory. I’m going to ask them why I and the citizens of Indiana are paying for them to sit on the internet while they should be fixing the education system your office is employed to help fix and are complaining about on my blog saying it’s broken? You spend your time on the internet complaining about America, so I want to know why as an employee of the US government do you speak such sedition?

I’ll let all of you know how it goes. I am going to begin calling them first thing in the morning. If for some reason you would also like to call them please use the following phone directory available at their website

I’m coming to get you The H! Snap… Crack… Woosh! Ti Kwan Leap!


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