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One in four see positive side of Nazis, poll finds!


Hello WSJOnline! I just wanted to let you know that this article was written for a feature on my blog called Politically Correct Friday in which everything all day is PC. This was written in a mocking way and I do not in any way endorse fascism, Nazi’s or Hillary Clinton… Also I was checking my stats and I see that I am getting a ton of hits from the Wall Street Journal Online. Can any of you who are coming here get me into that article? I can get a preview of their article but I cannot see where in it it’s linking to my blog and I do not wish to pay the $75 for a membership. Can anyone help me out? Just copy and paste in an email and send to edgrubermanblog@gmail.com or post in the comments please….

Here is the article you are looking for. 

At least we got 1 in four right! Hey if that’s what they want to view their history as then I say let ’em, the U.S. constitution allows for freedom of thought, even if they are German Citizens not living in the U.S.!

Asked whether National Socialism was wholly negative or had some good points, 25% of respondents to the Forsa institute poll said yes, while 70% said no.

One in four see positive side of Nazis, poll finds

· Older Germans more accepting of regime
· TV newsreader sacked over comments on family

Kate Connolly in Berlin
Friday October 19, 2007
The Guardian

A quarter of Germans believe aspects of the Nazi era were positive, according to a poll published after a dispute about the Nazis and their attitude towards the family.

Asked whether National Socialism was wholly negative or had some good points, 25% of respondents to the Forsa institute poll said yes, while 70% said no.

The poll was published in Stern magazine to accompany an essay on “Why every fourth German still believes National Socialism had its good sides”. It comes after a debate sparked last month by a television presenter who said the Nazis’ attitude towards the family had been positive. Eva Herman, 48, was sacked from her role as a newsreader by public broadcaster NDR after her comments prompted an outcry.

Germans were still deeply insecure about how to view their past, according to the magazine. The older the respondents, the higher their acceptance was of the Nazi regime. Of the over 60s, 37% answered positively.

“It would appear that a lot of people think like Eva Herman, but most of them don’t say it into a microphone,” the magazine wrote.
The poll has drawn sharp criticism from the Central Council of Jews. Its vice president, Dieter Graumann, called it a warning sign and said it was “ugly, disastrous and it makes me sad and angry”.

“It shows just what a tall task schools (and) youth workers … have in front of them,” he told German news website Netzeitung.

Volker Beck of the Greens said it was a slap in the face to those who thought Germans were confronted excessively with the Nazi past.

“This poll shows those who repeatedly criticise schools for teaching too much about the Third Reich are wrong,” he said. “It is particularly alarming that younger people are increasingly positive about National Socialism.”

Herman was quoted as saying that although there was “much that was very bad, for example Adolf Hitler,” the Nazi era produced good things, “such as the high regard for the mother”. What makes her remarks particularly taboo in German society is that the Nazis awarded mothers who produced large families medals of honour for their contribution to increasing the aryan race.

The magazine said Germans suppressed the extent to which Nazi-era laws and legacies shaped their lives, and its condemnation of Herman was hypocritical. “Hitler still reigns,” it wrote, highlighting existing laws governing everything from chimney sweeps to maternity leave, which originated in the Nazi era.

“Hitler left the world much more than Auschwitz and the autobahns, but it’s something people gladly forget or suppress,” it wrote.



  1. Laci Pelehos says:

    okay i kno hitler was a jerk i hate him with everything i have but do you really have to descriminate the emos with that?..i mean common…emo has nothing to do wtih hitler. Do think about other people. that wud help with your heartless scam.

  2. Ed says:

    My stepdaughter is an emo kid… she’s meaner than Hitler.

  3. John.K says:

    Hitler would be 100% sure an emo kid. Great picture.
    Well how mean is your daughter? Does she treat you like Hitler treated a jew?

    My advice would be “Act like a super soft caring father.” Don’t ask her too many qustions, only when she looks mad, sad etc like having strong emotions then you step in. You act super soft. “You look tired.” “Do you need anything?” “Do you want some juice?” Talk to her in a indirect way. Don’t say “You look pissed! lol”
    Of course she will be annoyed. Once she makes it clear you should mind your own business. Stop right there.

    The point is you keep doing this, giving her the impression that you are always concerned, and aware of her. You are always open to her but keep a certain distance.
    being super nice always works.

    Another help. When you ask about her but she responds in a harsh tone, try to look as old as you can. ppl don’t like to kick old dogs even if they hate the dog. She will feel uncomfortable for being harsh on you.

  4. Ed says:

    John, thanks for the advice. I’ve tried the “kill ’em with kindness” bit but that did nothing except make her scream at me for “acting like a fake”, I’ve tried the old man thing but that just made me want to go out and scream at the kids to “get off my lawn”, I’ve tried to understand her generation/friends and I’ve even let her load up my IPod with music from hers. Nothing has worked, and I just ended up with an ear-bleed from the worst music I’ve ever heard, I’d rather listen to 80’s glam rock again then listen to that crap. I swear sometimes she looks at me and I can tell she’s just wondering how I keep breathing everyday. Unfortunately I no longer look forward to her coming over on the weekends because her and her mother argue like crazy, yelling and screaming and she does a lot of stomping around the house. When she “loses it” she starts to get really mean with my son and then I have to step in and it just deteriorates from there. But I guess that’s what happens with all generations. Being a parent is truly a test of stamina not strength.

  5. bryan gumbel says:

    im liking that picture

  6. Ed says:

    I’m Hitler…. I’m so sad… why does the whole world not understand me? Boo Hoo… Uhhh… anyone got any Robotussen?

  7. soaps says:

    ed, just be yourself. your step-daughter is just a normal human being. if you were her, you would be wary of the newcomer in ur house too. you might not be as mean as she is, but you have to understand that by trying all these “kind with kindness” and “old man” tactics, you’re treating her like some kind of disease which youre looking to the cure for by trying different remedies. just be herself, and hope she’ll get used to you. if not, then at least she is hating you for YOU, not the fake personas you’ve attempted to become in the past. in other words, try to accept her and let her accept you.

    if you were my step dad and you tried to be all gooshy mooshy nice to me just to get me to trust you, i would hate you too. just sayin’.

  8. Ren says:

    i like artcle do u knw more

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