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• This Friday Is P.C. Friday On Ed Gruberman!


hippie.gifI’m going to try something new this Friday. I am doing Politically Correct Friday on the blog. Only P.C. things will be allowed and anything else will be looked at as a real downer man. Everyone is free to express themselves if that’s what they feel like doing ok? I mean I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like I was trying to push my views on them because like, I’m not them right? So only P.C. stories, P.C. people and P.C. comments because that’s the way things should be right? Right on! Get the point? So bring your A game peeps and let’s make this a Friday to remember…



  1. trm1 says:

    Coooolll duuude…

  2. trm1 says:

    !!! sucker punch!!

  3. Ed says:

    I am really excited about this guys. I am changing the header and layout just for Friday so get your P.C. stories ready. I am going to start collecting tomorrow so if you have something email it to me… or not, that is your prerogative to do so because I wouldn’t want to push my commercialized, free market needs on you, so just if you feel like it or something send me over something P.C… Peace guys, make love not war, Bush Lied People Died, Go Green Man, Reduce Your Carbon Footprints… etc…


  4. nicedeb says:

    Does this mean we can’t use paper plates on Friday???

    More dishes!!!!

    You know what, I’m gonna concentrate real hard, and try to say something nice about Al Gore on Friday.

    I’d appreciate some support, though, because it’s gonna be really really hard for me.

  5. Ed says:

    Wait wait wait… P.C. Friday is not about trying HARD to say something nice. It’s about saying something you FEEEEL. I wouldn’t want to make you say something that you don’t want to because that would mean I’m pushing my beliefs on you which is not cool man, not cool. Just say what you feeeeel niceDeb, go with your heart and be politically correct, it’s gonna be cathartic I promise.

  6. Ed says:

    Oh yeah and you can use paper plates as long as you recycle them when you’re done.

  7. bmac says:

    I think I’ll take a bus…no wait, I’ll walk to work in my Birkenstocks, have a veggie burrito for lunch, and post some hateful comments at Kos. Then I’ll end the day by praying to a non-existent God for world peace, while listening to a little CSN&Y.

  8. Ed says:

    You’re off to a good start bmac. If you have any good stories send them over to me and I’ll get them up on Friday.


  9. eddiebear says:

    bmac: that veggie burrito has to be organic free trade, right?

  10. bmac says:

    But of course, and I forgot to mention, on a wheat tortilla.

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