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• Nationalized Health Care… Get your pliers ready!


With Billary saying that she is going to Nationalize heath care for all of us and making it a state run commodity, many stories of the joys of nationalized health care keep coming up… but to no avail. She wants what she wants and when she wants she gets…

English ‘pull own teeth’ as dental service decays

Falling numbers of state dentists in England has led to some people taking extreme measures, including extracting their own teeth, according to a new study released Monday.

Others have used superglue to stick crowns back on, rather than stumping up for private treatment, said the study. One person spoke of carrying out 14 separate extractions on himself with pliers.

More typically, a lack of publicly-funded dentists means that growing numbers go private: 78 percent of private patients said they were there because they could not find a National Health Service (NHS) dentist, and only 15 percent because of better treatment.

“This is an uncomfortable read for all of us, and poses serious questions to politicians from patients,” said Sharon Grant of the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health.

Overall, six percent of patients had resorted to self-treatment, according to the survey of 5,000 patients in England, which found that one in five had decided against dental work because of the cost.

One researcher involved in compiling the study — carried out by members of England’s Patient and Public Involvement Forums — came across three people in one morning who had pulled out teeth themselves.

Dentists are also concerned about the trend.

Fifty-eight percent said new dentists’ contracts introduced last year had made the quality of care worse, while 84 percent thought they had failed to make it easier for patients to find care.

Almost half of all dentists — 45 percent — said they no longer take NHS patients, while 41 percent said they had an “excessive” workload. Twenty-nine percent said their clinic had problems recruiting or retaining dentists.

“These findings indicate that the NHS dental system is letting many patients down very badly,” said Grant.

“It appears many are being forced to go private because they don’t want to lose their current trusted and respected dentist or because they just can’t find a local NHS dentist.”


  1. Dan says:

    I take it honesty isn’t your strong suit.

    Not that I would vote for Hillary over some of the other Democratic candidates, but you’ve got to be a fucking moron to call Hillary a Communist. I might as well just go the other extreme and call Bush a genocidal Nazi.

    Her healthcare plan (emphasis mine):

    Now here’s how this plan would work. If you have private insurance you like, nothing changes — you can keep that insurance. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep seeing that doctor. If you like the hospital where you receive care, you can keep receiving care at that hospital. If, however, you don’t have health insurance or you don’t like the insurance you have, you can choose from the same wide variety of private plans that members of Congress choose from. I’m calling it a Health Choices Menu. So essentially the Congressional health care plan becomes the American health care plan. The idea here is simple. The American people should have access to the same array of health care choices and benefits as the Senators and Representatives they elect.

    That doesn’t sound so crazy or liberal to me.

  2. Ed says:

    It doesn’t change the fact that she and her fat ass husband are criminals. Plus how do you explain this?

    “I have a million ideas. The country can’t afford them all.”

    I know how she’ll afford it, take form the rich and give to the poor. That is trying to spread the wealth amongst the classes… Communism…

    P.s. I take it honesty isn’t your strong suit… I’ll be real honest right now. If Hillary becomes president I promise you the deficit will go up, the military will get it’s ass kicked and well have another 4 years of this:

    * Number close to the Clinton machine who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes: 44
    * Number of convictions during his administration: 33
    * Number of indictments/misdemeanor charges: 61
    * Number of imprisonments: 14
    * Number of presidential impeachments: 1
    * Number of independent counsel investigations: 7
    * Number of congressional witnesses pleading the 5th Amendment: 72
    * Number of witnesses fleeing the country to avoid testifying: 17
    * Number of foreign witnesses who have declined interviews by investigative bodies: 19

    The Clinton machine now holds the record for the administration with:

    * The most number of convictions and guilty pleas
    * The most number of cabinet members to come under criminal investigation
    * The most number of witnesses to flee the country or refuse to testify
    * The most number of key witnesses to die suddenly
    * The greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
    * The greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad.

  3. Dan says:

    Wow. You ARE a ****ing moron.

    This was edited due to language…

  4. Ed says:

    Ok. How’s that? I didn’t write the article. I’m just pointing it out. This is what happens with Nationalized Health Care. So where am I being an idiot?

  5. Dan says:

    Well there’s this part, for instance:
    “I’ll be real honest right now. If Hillary becomes president I promise you the deficit will go up, the military will get it’s ass kicked and well have another 4 years of this:”

    First off, you’re comparing her to her husband. What a pathetic attempt at deductive reasoning!!!

    Second, if you’re going to use that line of logic, the deficit will go DOWN. That’s good, right?

    Third, again, if you’re going to use that line of logic, we wouldn’t get into wars by being pre-emptive bullies. That’s good too, right?

    Fourth, the statistics you list strike me as an improvement over the Republican Congress of 2000-2006.

    There you go, four reasons why you’re an idiot.

  6. Dan says:

    Also, “This is what happens with Nationalized Health Care”….

    You moron, I just got finished (comment #1) explaining how she’s not planning to institute nationalized health care. She’s planning on instituting reforms to ensure universal healthcare with the already-existing PRIVATE healthcare companies.

  7. Ed says:

    First let me say I appreciate your opinion, however we are never going to change the other’s mind, but for the sake of argument…

    1. Hillary is involved in many of those statistics including Whitewater, and her other brother Hugh, made out like a bandit selling pardons. He netted around $400,000 for his trouble.

    2. The deficit will be there, but it won’t be a problem anymore if Hillary becomes our president. Under GW, we look at our deficit in absolute dollars. Thus our current deficit is always higher than previous deficits. Under Hillary, the deficit will be looked at as a percentage of GDP. Since our GDP is growing at a faster pace than the growth rate of our deficit, the deficit will be “shrinking” under Hillary without her lifting a finger. Hillary will have more to spend to buy votes because the deficit is ‘shrinking’.

    3. If someone was coming to kill you or your child and you know about it, would you not do something about it? Well, the Islamofascists are coming. I do however agree they were not in Iraq pre 9/11. That however may be the only thing we agree on. However I think as long as were killin’ ’em there… why not just keep killin’ ’em there…

    4. Throw me some stats on the Republican Congress of 2000-2006. Put up or shut up. I’ll post them right here.

    5. Please stop calling me stupid. I am open to discussion but I will not continue to be insulted by you. Or shall I start “plucking” quotes off your blog?

  8. Dan says:

    “however we are never going to change the other’s mind, but for the sake of argument…”

    No kidding. Apparently quoting the woman herself saying that she’ll leave private healthcare private will convince you that she doesn’t want to nationalize healthcare. And apparently having the last three Republican presidents being responsible for 80% of our national debt has you thinking that a Democratic president would be worse. I’m sure if we talk long enough I could add to the list of stupid things you’d say.

    It’s not about changing each other’s minds though. I happen to know and respect a number of conservatives, and we have different values. All well and good. But none of them are stupid enough to suggest that Hillary is a communist, but you are. Go figure.

    Oh, and I’ll stop calling you moron when you stop acting like it. Go ahead though, “pluck” quotes off my blog. Unlike you, if you prove me wrong on one of them, I’ll correct my mistake.

    As an aside – I don’t know why I engage in this… for some reason, complete idiots like you just piss me off.

  9. Dan says:

    sorry – second sentence, second paragraph… that should be “won’t convince you.”

  10. Ed says:

    Dan I would like to say that I spent a few hours last night going through your blog and reading quite a few of your essays. I find you quite intelligent and found may of them informative and rather intriguing. In particular “Is Religion Adaptive?”. This may surprise you but I am also an “Atheist” and found that article to be close to my own point of view.

    “… that religion was at one point either a beneficial adaptation or a consequence of other cultural phenomenon that were adaptive (albeit very imperfect adaptations)”

    I think that this is a subject that can be agreed upon by both of us. Do you mind if I link to it?

    On a closing note. I base my opinion of Billary’s “Nationalized Heath Care” on facts, not on my political viewpoint. My son has really bad asthma and allergies. Without insurance for him his medicine would cost over $600 a month. But, I pay for my insurance. I work hard, I save and I pay my bills. I will give you a chance to convince me that it is not “Nationalized Heath Care” if you refute these 2 points. Convince me and I will put up a new post that “I was wrong and Hillary is not a Communist.

    1. Who will pay for the health care of the 50 million who do not work and/or cannot afford to buy their own and have the “nanny state” pay for it?

    2. When Senator Chris Dodd said about Hillary in regards to her health care plan…

    “While she talks about the political scars she bears, the personal scars borne by the American people are far greater. The mismanagement of the effort in 1993 and 1994 has set back our ability to move toward universal health care immeasurably.”

    Did he mean that it is not “universal health care” or did he mean that it is “universal health care” and that’s what the DNC wants?

    Convince me and I will atone for my sins. You are obviously an intelligent man and I think you could do it. Dispute the 2 points above and I will concede to you.

  11. Gary Wills says:

    I am the king of stupidity.
    3rd in charge is Michelle Terrell.
    Uli is Marty Feldmans daughter

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