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• Court rules for anti-war T-shirt maker


The headline is deceptive. In fact what he’s doing is printing t-shirts with the names of fallen soldiers on them and it says “Bush Lied, Soldiers Died”. He does this without bothering to ask the families of the soldiers who’s names appear on the shirts which he sells for the low-low price of $WhoGivesAFuch.00. However this douchbag has won a court case which allows hime to continue to sell the shirts. The full story is below. Upon looking at his site, which made me want to puke, I found this little gem in the FAQ’s:

What do you mean, Bush Lied?

I think of this product as both a scathing indictment of George W. Bush and a memorial to the brave young soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq on behalf of their country. Perhaps someday they will get the memorial they deserve in Washington. Until then, this will have to suffice.

Bush is most famous for lying about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
It was this lie that arguably was most responsible for the deaths of thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, not to mention tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.

But Bush has lied in many other ways as well, from denying global warming to boasting about a “mission accomplished” in Iraq. His lies are legion, and have spawned a cottage industry of books including “The Lies of George W. Bush” by David Corn and “Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them” by Al Franken.

…Al Franken? Really? Really? He’s the guy you look to for truth? Really!

Kimberly Dedes
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 28, 2007 12:00 AM
A Flagstaff resident will be able to continue manufacturing and selling T-shirts bearing the names of deceased soldiers after a federal court ruling Thursday.

U.S. District Judge Neil Wake in Phoenix issued a preliminary injunction sought by Daniel Frazier, an anti-war activist who owns and operates a Web site, carryabigsticker.com, where he sells T-shirts using the names of deceased soldiers from Iraq in small print along with slogans such as “Bush Lied, They Died.”

Wake wrote in his 30-page decision that “the political and commercial expressions of speech cannot be separated because the mode of expression has a cost.”

“The nation’s debt to its fallen soldiers may not be paid by giving their families a toll on free speech,” Wake wrote. “The debt must be paid in other ways.”

Alessandra Soler Meetze, executive director of the ACLU, said she was pleased with the decision.

“The sole purpose of this law was to stifle an activist’s First Amendment rights,” Meetze said. “It was a misguided law. We’re really pleased that the First Amendment and the importance of free speech is what the judge sided with.”

Not everyone was happy with the ruling. Sen. Jim Waring, R-Phoenix, a bill sponsor, said he knew the bill would be a struggle, but he was still disappointed.

“I don’t know what kind of a society it is when you don’t have a right to control your own name or image,” Waring said. “Celebrities have this control. Professional athletes have this control. I don’t know why we would not offer the same protection to our soldiers who are serving and dying overseas.”

Frazier, who also sells bumper stickers, magnets and buttons on his site, said he is confident that the final decision of the court will side with his rights.

“I’m not sure exactly how long it will take to get the law permanently thrown out,” he said. “The wheels of justice turn slowly, so it could be awhile.”

He added that because of the controversy, he has had to make some changes in his day-to-day life.

“I pretty much have stopped answering my phone unless I know who it is,” Frazier said.

“I’ve had a few irate phone calls . . . more than I’d like. I’ve stopped doing business with strangers over the phone, and I’m a little more careful when I go out.”

The Attorney General’s Office said that it would decide whether to appeal Thursday’s ruling.



  1. […] jasonlan wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptIn fact what he’s doing is printing t-shirts with the names of fallen soldiers on them and it says “Bush Lied, Soldiers Died”. He does this without bothering to ask the families of the soldiers who’s names appear on the shirts which he … […]

  2. nicedeb says:

    That is disgusting.

  3. Maybe someone should start selling t-shirts with the image of Alessandra Soler Meetze, above the words, “ACLU Lies, Liberty Dies.”

  4. Ed says:

    I think it’s really sad that this scumbag is making any money off of our fallen boys. I am hoping to get some more people to pick this story up because someone (us) needs to do something about this scumbag Daniel Frazier. Help me out an link this article up!

  5. nicedeb says:

    I’ll do a post about it in the morning, ‘kay?

  6. nicedeb says:


    I’ve had a busy morning. I’m doing it right now!

  7. […] Disgusting! Court Rules In Favor Of Anti-War Tee-Shirt Maker October 10th, 2007 — nicedeb Sure, it’s a free country. […]

  8. eddiebear says:

    While we’re at it, why not post the names of all the people who have died from West Nile and Malaria due to the lies promulgated by the environmentalists to get DDT banned?

  9. Ed says:

    Also drunk driving deaths… There were 16,885 alcohol-related fatalities in 2005 – 39 percent of the total traffic fatalities for the year. Jack Daniels Lied, Drivers Died!

  10. Ed says:

    No problem, I already see the hits coming in from your blog! Thanks for the help on this one.

  11. Richard Neva says:

    I have one of those T shirts and when I wear it I get high fives wherever I go! However, my T shirt that says Fuck B*USH is another matter altogether. Blue haired ladies give me shit when I wear it and really get in my face. lol, they are so damn funny. I probably have over a hundred anti government T shirts and most folks love them. I am a walking bill board to topple capitalism in America and bring long awaited socialism to the people!

  12. Ed says:

    Wow, you must be so proud. Actually I am so jealous of your courage that I am going to put my anti-big-government sticker on my car that says “Have Your Liberal Spayed Or Neutered”. Are you sure they’re not laughing “at” you? Hey, I appreciate your right to free speech. I appreciate that in other countries you would never get away with your descention without a few, in my opinion, good lashings. I even appreciate your desire to call out the government. However if my brother’s/father’s/son’s name was on that shirt and I saw you wearing it… well let’s just say that that day would be that shirt’s last day and that would be appreciated by many.

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