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• (Video) Kick Ass Vet Cuts Down Mexican Flag (UPDATED)


Ok, this is the best video clip I’ve evah seen. Here it is…
Hello Hot Air Heads ( I want a LOGIN!)

KNBC – Channel 4 News, RENO, NEVADA: “This afternoon we received a call from a viewer who said a business near downtown Reno was flying a Mexican flag above an American flag… which is in fact illegal.”

This, after photos and comments about the flag were posted on Craigslist this morning. When we were able to have a photographer go and check everything out we found the story to be true.

It also didn’t take long before the situation provoked a strong reaction. We are now going to show you , unedited, what happened.

The video link will be on the left hand side of article in small blue box. There may be a 15 second commercial by “Father Joe” before the video starts.

In the video a U.S Army veteran goes over to the Mexican bar in Reno where the Mexican flag is flying above the U.S. flag and he cuts it down with his Army knife. He takes the U.S. flag away and throws the Mexican flag on the ground.

KNBC – Channel 4 News

Update from Hot Air…
Audio: Mike Gallagher interviews the vet who cut down the Mexican flag

The Vets name is Jim Broussard

Illegality Of Flying US Flag Below Another…
When flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak. When the flags are flown from adjacent staffs, the flag of the United States should be hoisted first and lowered last. No such flag or pennant may be placed above the flag of the United States or to the right of the flag of the United States (the viewer’s left). When the flag is half-masted, both flags are half-masted, with the US flag at the mid-point and the other flag below.

Exit question…
Can I be adopted by said vet and when is he available for lunch?

Updated via Hot Air

Shawn Wasson says he spoke to the man himself, a.k.a. Jim Brossard, earlier this afternoon and asked him why he didn’t simply call the cops. Brossard’s answer: the cops refused to come. Why would the cops refuse to do that? Because, according to the ACLU, it’s not a crime to fly another flag above the stars and stripes:

While there is indeed a federal law regulating the display of the U.S. flag, that law is merely advisory and simply codifies standard government practice in displaying the American flag.

Several federal courts have examined this law and held that the flag rules are not mandatory and cannot be enforced. Indeed, if the federal flag rules were mandatory, they would clearly violate the First Amendment, which protects every American’s right to speak and express themselves, including their choice of flag to display.

I think they’re right, in which case Brossard doesn’t even have the excuse that he was doing the job American cops were supposed to, but didn’t, do. Now it’s on to the lawsuit, which he’ll lose — and then recoup the damages he has to pay 100 times over via donations from admiring conservatives.



  1. Your Wife says:

    Marine Hero: The 5 Things I Saw that Make Me Support the War
    By Marco Martinez
    Monday, October 1, 2007

    Liberals often like to say that “violence is senseless.”

    That’s wrong.

    Violence isn’t senseless. Senseless violence is senseless. And I should know. Before being awarded the Navy Cross and having the privilege of becoming a Marine, I was a gang member. Sometimes it takes having used violence for both evil as well as good to know that there’s a profound moral difference between the two.

    People often ask me whether I still support the war. I never hesitate when answering: “Absolutely I support completing the mission,” I tell them, “Now more than ever.”

    I was honored to have been given the opportunity to fight in Iraq on our country’s behalf. And it was that experience—and five things I saw firsthand—that illustrate the foolishness of those who would equate American military power to that used by thugs and tyrants.

    1. Mass Graves

    I was part of a group that was tasked with guarding Saddam’s mass graves. And let me tell you something: anyone who could look straight down into those huge holes at the skeletons and remains and see what that monster did to 300,000 of his own people would have no doubt that we did the right thing in removing him from power. Saddam’s henchmen would tie two people together, some with babies in their arms, stand them at the crater’s edge, and then shoot one of the people in the head, relying on the weight of the dead body to drag them both into the hole. This would save on rounds and also ensure that both people died, one from a gunshot, the other by being buried alive.

    2. Tongue-less Man

    You never know how precious freedom of speech is until you meet somehow who has had it taken from them—literally taken from them. During a patrol we came upon two hungry Iraqi men scavenging for food. When our translator began speaking with the men I noticed that one of them had a stub for a tongue. Through the translator we learned that the tongue-less man had spoken against the regime and that Saddam’s henchmen had severed his tongue. Saddam had quite literally removed the man’s freedom of speech.

    3. Adrenaline-Fueled Fedayeen Saddam

    I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the ninja costume-wearing terrorists we encountered in a series of hellish firefights just wouldn’t go down—even after being shot. Once my fire team and I cleared a terrorist-filled house in a close quarters shootout, I saw dead bodies all around the kitchen. I looked up at the countertops. Scattered everywhere were vials of adrenaline, syringes, and khat (pronounced “cot”), a drug similar to PCP that gives users a surge of energy and strength. That’s when we realized that our zombie-like attackers were zealots who came to fight and die.

    4. Human Experiment Pictures

    I still can’t shake the pictures out of my head. We discovered them inside a strange laboratory we found inside a Special Republican Guard barracks that had been plunked down inside an amusement park. When I cracked open the photo album, my jaw dropped. There in front of me were the most horrifying images of experiments being performed on newborn and infant children. Picture after picture, page after page, the binder was filled with the most extreme deformities and experimental mutations one could imagine. One baby had an eye that was shifted toward the middle of its head. We turned the books over to our lieutenant as valuable pieces of intelligence.

    5. Bomb-Making Materials In a Mosque

    Well after the invasion we were tasked to conduct city patrols and build rapport with local sheiks and mosque members. On one occasion we revisited a mosque where the sheik had previously been warm and friendly. Yet this time something seemed a little off. As we made our way through the mosque compound, we were told there were certain “praying houses” we weren’t allowed to enter. But when a Marine walked through a side hallway and passed by a door that had been left ajar, he spotted a huge bottle of nitroglycerin and assorted bomb-making materials.

    When I think about my gang member past I shudder in shame. But if there was one lesson I learned from my past it is that there is a profound moral difference between using violence to destroy lives and using violence to save lives. Terrorists do the former; soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines do the latter.

    Antimilitary liberals need to learn the difference between the two.

    Copyright © 2006 Salem Web Network. All Rights Reserved.

    Marco Martinez, a recipient of the Navy Cross, is author of the new book Hard Corps: From Gangster to Marine Hero (Crown Forum).

  2. Ed says:

    I cannot confirm or deny the comment above, but it sure is compelling, can I get the info where you got that from? I would just like to fact-check to confirm he is real. I’d like to make this it’s own post and get his comments on it if I could.

  3. Your Wife says:

    I got in a post from Aflack (the soldier on my myspace) this morning…th post has the info in it for the book he (Marco Martinez) is publishing

  4. Ed says:

    Ok, thank you and I will contact him shortly.

  5. Vet cuts down illegal Mexican flag

    Thank you, Jim Brossard, for standing up for you country yet again; another job too many Americans just won’t do.

  6. SEALteam5 says:

    A true patriot. If I saw that their would be more than a flag retired. Now America, it’s time to take your country back.

  7. Ed says:

    Amen Seal, amen…

  8. Dora Flores McGahan says:

    Comment: Jim Broussard must not have very much to do during the day when people are working. He can call himself a Veteran if he just served 4 yrs. The father of my children served 26 yrs in the Navy and married me a Mexican from Tijuana, Baja California. My son is currently serving in the Navy he has been for 14 yrs.
    I can tell you honestly, I didn’t know that if you are in the United States you had to have that flag first. My daughter in law who was born and raised in the U.S. didn’t know about that either. Watching the video Mr Broussard seems that the owner of the store had intentions of starting a war, when you watch the video it seems that the owner of the store just thought Mr Broussard was crazy and didn’t know what was going on.

  9. Ed says:

    First let me say that your first 2 sentences are no less than veiled insult to Jim and vets of any kind. During WWII that average tour of duty was just 2 years. Would you call the Marines who kicked ass in the Pacific or on the front lines of the eastern front less than vets? Don’t insult me or the vets ma’am.

    There is no law in Nevada which states that the American Flag must be flown above another other flag. However flag flying tradition says that when flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak. When the flags are flown from adjacent staffs, the flag of the United States should be hoisted first and lowered last. No such flag or pennant may be placed above the flag of the United States or to the right of the flag of the United States (the viewer’s left). When the flag is half-masted, both flags are half-masted, with the US flag at the mid-point and the other flag below.

    The store owner obviously didn’t know this… I wonder why? It’s called Flag Etiquette, anyone should know this that flies the flag. What Jim did is what “we” all feel. There is no excuse for the store owner doing that. Except he was trying to make a statement. It’s this easy, what flag is more important? The store owner thought the Mexican one.

    Thank your husband and son for me/us for their service. It is the most honorable of professions.

  10. Vince Bartholomay says:

    Brossard did what he felt he had to do…As I do what I feel I have to do….I’ve known Jim for over thirty years, He’s a good egg….But this veteran rant is starting to piss me off…Jim washed out of the Army in a year or less… for the reason why you will have to ask Jim…His last duty station was stateside in the seventies…I myself am a veteran, served in VIET NAM from 1/69-8/70…Was honorably discharged 8/70…I only ask that Broussard himself clear up this veteran spin cause as far as I’m concerned he is a veteran only in the loosest sense of the word…I understand that America is looking for a hero, Jim is one for the Flag Cutting incident…But Jim be real about your service to your country…

  11. Keith B says:

    That vet is a real American hero in my eyes. We need more people like him.

  12. Ed says:

    We’ve got plenty of people like him, just no one with the balls to do what he did. I have a story that happened in Phoenix over the weekend coming up in a bit. If you like this you’ll love this one. Sheriff Joe took on an immigration protest this weekend.

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