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• Snapped Shot Kicks Jihadi Ass (Update 9/5)


Snapped Shot was having it’s bandwidth stolen from a Jihadi anti-American scumbag website from a stolen image off of Google Images. So he substituted the image for a Mohammad cartoon mocking them. After a few hours they hadn’t noticed so he switched it again, and again and again… it still hasn’t been noticed so I guess they’re sleeping… you gotta check it out. Keep Pwn3ting those fuckers. Own them own them! Here’s an example…


Update 9/5

SnappedShot has posted one of the screen caps I had on this post to the stealn’ ur stuph jihadi wubzite… Click below to go to their site. My humor has been spread to the world of jihad! Faaahhh laaaahhh laaaahhhhh! I wish I could take credit for it, I’m not sure where it came from, it’s just something that I’ve had around for a while and had not place to show it. If you know the artist let me know!




  1. […] saw it first at Ed Gruberman’s.  Posted in Alriiiight, Comedy Gold, Islamofascists, Rock and […]

  2. Brian L. says:


    I *love* it. Be sure to check out the latest update. 😉

    Brian/snapped shot

  3. DJM says:

    Funny. I do wish, however, my credit hadn’t been taken away. I posted this image at Snappedshot.com as a suggestion for pictures to upload.

  4. DJM says:

    BTW, Cox & Forkum created the cartoon.

  5. Ed says:

    I found this maybe a year or so ago in an LGF post. You shall be forever credited in my dojo, I just went over to the site and saw it in the comments. Either way, it kicks ass! Snap Crack Wooosh… Ti Kwan Leap…

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