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• The Boogeyman and Me (A Man, A Myth and an Internet Connection)


Recently I had a very long conversation with one of my oldest and dearest friends. An older gentleman who during a hard time in his life slept on the couch at my frat house of which he was an alumni. I had never really gotten to know this man until then and I’m glad I did. All I knew about him was that at one point in my younger years in the frat, we had shot blowgun darts at him from across the street while he sat on the porch of his house reading a newspaper. We missed but the 4″ darts scared the crap out of him and he never found out it was us. For security reasons we’ll use his monicker that was given to him in 95, for top secret reasons, “Boogeyman”. He is an older gentleman who now lives in Yonkers N.Y., a 6’3″ 400lb. blackman with the voice of an angel and the hands of a lumberjack… I digest…

We had spent many a night sitting up until all hours of the morning discussing life, politics, why black men love white women and many other debatable topics that aren’t important here. We would stay up sometimes till the sun came up and then order a breakfast pizza from Pizza Patrol, I still remember the number, 241-9000. Over the last 12 years we’ve kept in touch and chatted for many hours over the previously mentioned talking points. But in a phone conversation a few days ago I suddenly saw a strange change in him that had never been there before. To be quite honest I an disturbed and disgusted.

A few posts back a bit I linked to a movie called “Zeitgeist”, a troofer filled, left wing hate-speech filmed with the intention of equating George Bush and his regime to Hitler and the Nazi Party. It was filled with conspiracy theories about 911, a complete slam on religion, and something about the banking system run by a secret organization who every few decades sends us to war so they can make a few bucks. After watching the film I spent several hours talking to myself while clicking the table lamp on my desk off and on trying to figure out why this man whom I’d had hours upon hours of friendly, sane, respectable, intriguing and rational conversations with would send me something so delirious, something so disgusting, something so sick and depraved. I called him.

In our conversation he tried to defend himself saying that he had done his own research and that it is all true. I agreed that religion was bunk, and that is an opinion that some of you may know I have. But I told him the troofer stuff and the banking system stuff being run by George Bush and his cronies and that we are over there to make a few bucks for their pensions is just plain treasonous and quite frankly disturbing to hear from him. He actually said out-loud that George Bush was the real traitor and was more dangerous than Osama or any of the terrorists in the middle-east.

At that point I ended the conversation telling him that I don’t know when he would hear from me again and that until he got on the computer and did some research that I would not contact him for any reason. He said he would get on for the first time… “What did you just say”, I was confused. “I haven’t ever been on there, I just bought a computer the other day but it’s not put together and I’m trying to find the time but maybe next week I can get it hooked up.” “Did you say that you’d never been online?”, “No I haven’t, why?”. “Because you’re basing this whole opinion you have on what, late night conversations with the rats in your neighborhood?”.

He’s never been online… unbelievable. I told him if he wants to see the real sickos, the real people who he needs to be afraid of, the real terrorists then he needed to hook up his damn computer and got to LGF, AoSHQ, Hot Air, me, Weasel Zippers and even the Drudge Report and catch up on the world. He said he would… I still haven’t heard from him. So in the fairness that I have in my heart and the respect I have for my elders I am going to make it really easy for him by putting up something to read so that if he hasn’t figured out the keyboard thingy or the mousey thingy he can see this and maybe it will change his mind…

Taliban Hang Teen for Having US Money; Stuff Bills in his Mouth….


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Taliban insurgents hanged a teenager in southern Afghanistan because he had American money in his pocket, stuffing five US$1 bills into his mouth as a warning to other villagers not to use dollars, police said Monday. Elsewhere the Taliban killed eight police.

The 15-year-old boy was hanged from a tree Sunday in Helmand province, the most violent province in the country and the world’s No. 1 poppy-growing region.

“The Taliban warned villagers that they would face the same punishment if they were caught with dollars,” said Wali Mohammad, the district police chief in Sangin.

Dollars are commonly used in Afghanistan alongside the afghani, the local currency, though dollars are more commonly seen in larger cities where international organizations are found.

The rebels often justify their attacks and executions as a response to U.S. meddling in Afghan affairs.

The Taliban killed another man in Sangin on Saturday after he sought farm assistance and seeds from an international aid program, Mohammad said. The rebels accused him of being a spy and shot him to death.

Taliban insurgents in Ghazni province, meanwhile, ambushed a police convoy on Sunday, killing eight officers, said Abdul Khaliq Nikmal, spokesman for the provincial governor.

He said Afghan authorities have sent police reinforcements to the area and were meeting with U.S. military officials to plan a counterattack.

Violence has surged in Afghanistan in recent months. Last week alone, violence killed more than 270 people, including 165 rebels reportedly killed in two large battles in the south and 30 people killed in a suicide bombing on an army bus in Kabul.

President Hamid Karzai on Sunday Karzai said he would be willing to meet personally with Taliban leader Mullah Omar and factional warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of Hezb-i-Islami, in exchange for peace.

On Sunday, Karzai’s spokesman, said there was “serious debate” among some Taliban fighters about laying down arms.

But the Taliban said international troops must leave the country before any talks are held.

“Negotiations with Karzai have no worth in the presence of American forces,” said Haroon Zarghun, a Hezb-i-Islami spokesman.

“Karzai has, in fact, no authority in the presence of American troops. Talks would be waste of time in such a situation,” he told The Associated Press by telephone. “If the United States announces to leave Afghanistan, then we will be ready to hold talks.”

Insurgency-related violence has killed more than 4,600 people so far this year, most of them insurgents, according to an AP tally of figures from Afghan and western officials. Taliban spokesmen say western claims of rebel casualties are often greatly exaggerated.

In Helmand’s Reg district, Afghan and U.S.-led coalition forces, acting on intelligence reports, were pursuing militants hiding out in the area Monday when they came under attack, the coalition said in a statement. The troops called in air strikes and fought the militants in a gun battle.

More than 20 militants were killed, but there were no reports of civilians hurt. It was not immediately possible to verify the death toll independently.

H/T Weasel Zippers


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