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• (Video) Islamic Rage Boy… In his own words…


Those of you unaware of the phenom known as “Islamic Rage Boy”, he is featured at not only the top of my blog, but all across the blogosphere.

For some, he is the face of Muslim fury. The very picture of Kashmiri resistance, and literally so. Others dismiss him as a ‘professional protestor’, or claim that he’s being used as convenient tool for Islam bashing.

Meet Shakeel Ahmad Bhat, 31, an ordinary political activist from Srinagar who grabbed international attention when images of his angry postures at street protests were circulated by press photo agencies. In typical fashion, a bunch of rightwing American bloggers decided to give him the nickname “Islamic Rage Boy”, and Shakeel went on to become an Internet phenomenon, generating much chatter in the virtual world and the real, attracting both admiration and hostility, and inspiring an army of parody writers and spoof-image makers. Shakeel himself remains engrossed in a world of his own, for most part unconcerned with his larger-than-life presence on the web.

But now we finally have the video interview from CNN…

H/T Hot Air/ WeaselZippers



  1. Ed says:

    Yeah funny in a crazy sorta way, like the guy across the street from my work. He’s pan handling all day and has a sign that says…

    “Ninja’s Killed My Family, Need Money For Kung-Fu Lessons”

    It also has 3 smiley faces on it under the statement.

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