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• When Will I Get A Hot Air Login?


This is a guy named Uncle Jay who does a weekly video essay. This week he mentions our favorite trackback spot Hot Air! Yes he says their name just one time… I bet he got a login for comments…. So since he is endorsing them and I am endorsing them…

When will registration be open for HOT AIR? I can post to LGF, ACE, even that craphole WickedPinto with their sick crime posts and pictures of hot chicks in bath tubs full of cheetos? They’re not really crappy, I think NiceDeb is really really sweet. But I digest… When the hell will registration be open? I waited less time for my Little Green Footballs login!!! Michelle’s even linked to here… CLICK HERE… of course it is in the trackbacks but at least she touched me… Ok that sounds weird… JUST OPEN THE REGISTRATION I have so many clever things to say!



  1. Ed says:

    Smug? I just want to make comments…

    P.s. I was only saying that about the Pinto… I am in denial about actually being a sicko myself.

  2. nicedeb says:

    No no, the dude in the video….he’s smug!

  3. nicedeb says:

    You have to wait until they have another open registration. The do it every once in a while.

  4. Jeff_McAwesome says:

    I agree. I’ve been waiting for months for an open registration, while LGF has an open registration every other day!

  5. Ed says:

    The guy in the video is smug, but then again he’s a smug creepy old man, they go hand in hand.

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