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• Another Email From The National Guard Posterboy Traitor Stewart Zamudio


I got another email from our least favorite soldier Stewart Zamudio today. Again this is in response to me blasting him into bloggerdom when I found and posted this video of him being a traitor and criminal… (Video Below the Fold)

Thank you! And I will explain. And please do continue with your freedom of speech…..that is why I served…it’s a shame some are to afraid to use there’s.

After 9/11 we got caught up in fighting and bickering, and we forgot what the fight is all about. Freedom for everyone in and out of uniform. This is not political but more of a publicity stunt for the first amendment and freedom. Which is working. The comments on youtube is not about me anymore, it’s about freedom of speech. Which I praise greatly, and I am not afraid to use myself. If you look carefully at the video I contradict my self at the end, actually quite a few times. So my position on the war is open ended. More of a different startegy, what that is I don’t know, I don’t think anybody knows what to do next actually. But I make mistakes I will admit that, the only mistake I will never regret is my freedom to express myself.

At ground zero I witnessed the most powerful moments I ever saw in my life. It was touching and moving. And it left me personally moved. I saw with my own two eyes Amercia at it’s best. And freedom stolen from 1’000’s.

I am going to try to bring that feeling back to the country, the feeling I felt that day to the media with a speech, but the only way to do that is with publicity….for some reason that is the only way American media works and my voice can me heard. Which is fine. I am just waiting for that moment. I am going to try to unite the country again…..Ed remember when we were united that day we wouldn’t even have this conversation…we would be crying and helping each other as American’s united. I think that is what we need to do.

Actually your statements help my cause because it drives my voice further, I tried to unite the country with my National Guard Website movie, maybe people will see it again and remember what we are fighting for, freedom. It’s just everybody has there ways on how to achieve that, I will go with the party who has the answers. If that answer is wrong I will find the party who has the right answer. My country comes first, and so does the American people. That is another problem we have, some are devoted to much to there party and not the country. I hate both parties, but I love my country will be one of the lines in my speech….who’s is better then to do it then a soldier who served at Ground Zero.

Stewart Zamudio

Here is his original commercial for the National Guard…


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  1. PFC Andy Thornberry says:

    I see neither a combat badge or patch on him.
    For one who hasnt been here, you certainly have alot to say stewart. Rot in hell you fashion model rap video extra.
    PFC Thornberry
    Infantry, Iraq

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