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• Waiter Fired After Leaving Shift To Save Carjacking Victim


UPDATE: 9/14

We did it again everyone! I want to thank Weazel Zippers for the help!

Juan Canales can have his old job back at 84 Thai Food if he wants it.

The manager who fired Canales on Monday called him Wednesday to apologize and hire him back. Canales lost his job as a waiter after saving a woman from a carjacker in the parking lot outside the Fort Lauderdale restaurant where he worked, in the 900 block of State Road 84.

Manager Sathaporn Yosagrai said Canales was fired for mistakes, not for missing work as he talked to police and reporters after his heroics. “I feel sorry about all of this,” Yosagrai said.

But Canales said he has no plans to return. “He hurt me too much.” Since subduing the carjacker, Canales, 42, has gotten several offers to interview for jobs.

Old Post Begins Here 

Ok everybody let’s do this again…

From Local6.com (Video there)

A waiter in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who left his shift to rescue a woman being attacked by an armed carjacker was fired after the heroic effort.Police said a 22-year-old woman was attacked by a knife-wielding man outside the 84 Thai Food restaurant in the Southland Shopping Center on Monday.Restaurant waiter Juan Canales spotted the attack and ran to help.

Canales said he tackled the culprit, who police identified as Albert Means, and held him until police could arrive.

However, when Canales went back to work, he said his boss terminated him. “He told me you’re dismissed, you’re fired,” Canales said. “And I looked him and I said, ‘Are you serious?’ (He said) go get out of here, you’re fired.””Did he give you a specific reason why?” the reporter asked.”No, he did not,” Canales said. The woman he saved, Massiel Marquartdt, said she did not understand why Canales was fired.”I couldn’t believe that after he’s done something so noble, they would actually go ahead and fire him,” Marquartdt said. The restaurant manager said Canales may be a hero but he just wasn’t that good of an employee.

Here is the name of the restaurant 84 Thai Food
Here is their phone number (954) 462-5105
Here is their address 979 State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Here is a map to the restaurant (Click Here)
There is no website


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