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• Only 25% of Americans Agree With Dem. “Pull Out Now Position” on Iraq


Hat Tip To Say Anything

When someone like Pelosi or Reed say that they are wanting to pull out now from Iraq because it is what the opinion of Americans is, they must be talking about the Americans who are employed by MoveOn.org. Typical liberal douchbaggery, saying they represent the masses when in fact they are only representing 25% of the people in the US. Why doesn’t a poll like this get more play in the MSM? If you need me to answer that question then you should leave this blog immediately.

WASHINGTON—Public discontent with the Iraq war has eased slightly, a new Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll shows, suggesting President Bush may have a little more maneuvering room at a critical point in debates over war costs and troop levels.

As Mr. Bush prepares to follow congressional testimony by the top general in Iraq, David Petraeus, with a televised speech to the nation tonight, the poll shows an uptick in support for the president’s handling of the war as well as a small increase in the proportion of Americans who believe the troop surge is helping and that victory remains possible.

Those shifts in public opinion remain modest. Solid majorities continue to disapprove of the president’s performance and say victory in Iraq isn’t possible and that the war hasn’t been worth its human and financial costs. “There’s been no surge from the American people,” said Democratic pollster Peter Hart, who conducts the Journal/NBC poll with Republican counterpart Neil Newhouse.

Yet only one in four Americans say troops should leave now regardless of conditions on the ground. The public’s “heads and hearts are going in two different directions,” Mr. Newhouse said. “They want the troops to come home but think we can’t just leave.”

We have to hold the administration accountable time and time again for their conduct of this war, we’re as disappointed as the public is that the President has a tin ear to their opinion on this war.




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