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• Olberman & Bin Laden Connection?


Hat Tip LGF
Gibson compares Olberman to Bin Laden and has the clips to show they are saying the SAME THINGS!

Update: 9/11/07

From OlbermannWatch

Keith Olbermann: The Biggest Hypocrite in the World

We’ve known it all along: there is no bigger hypocrite in television “news” than the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. But after Monday night’s Hour of Spin, the world knows it too. Never before has the discredited baseball card collector exhibited such naked, blatant duplicity. Here’s why.

Bathtub Boy

Monkeymann, as predictable as Pavlov’s dogs in a bell-testing factory, leaped to attack Greg Gutfeld and John Gibson. Their crime? They found similarities in the words of Usama Bin Laden and those of Keith Olbermann. As you know, because you heard it first right here on Olbermann Watch, Gibson simply played UBL’s words cheek-by-jowl with Oralmann’s special comments. The parallels were, and are, incontestible.

So how did Krazy Keith reply? He smeared John Gibson and Gutfeld. They “parroted the desperation in the far-right lunatic fringe”. (Note the healthy supply of invective and name-calling.) Olby went on to assert that UBL’s “paranoia” was actually “much closer” to George W Bush (say what?). And of course, then it was on to sleazy personal attacks: “Gibby, congrats on that new co-host the’re bringing in to save your program”.

Just to set the record straight, Gibson’s The Big Story attracted over 1,000,000 viewers a day in August and handily won its time slot. Countdown had to settle for 638,000, and it’s on in the heart of prime time (8:00 pm), not in the afternoon like Gibson’s broadcast. But why the attack on Gibson’s program in the first place? How does that rebut the substance: what the tapes of UBL and Olbermann demonstrated?

Well, it doesn’t. Keith never addressed, explained, or even dealt with the substance. Instead, he used the segment to attack Bush (natch!) and toss in an irrelevant and factually deviant slam at Gibson’s show. So why didn’t Herr Olbermann take the opportunity to prove Gibson wrong?

Aside from the fact that Gibson wasn’t wrong, there’s also the fact that, as usual, Keith Oralmann does not come to the table with clean hands. The “desperation”, the “paranoia” he bellowed about? It’s all part of the Keith Olbermann playbook. Comparing people to terrorists and Nazis is all in a day’s work for the former sports guy.

Keith Olbermann, who equates the Republican party to a gang of mass murderers, says it’s John Gibson who is paranoid and an extremist! Add in to the mix Krazy Keith’s insistence that Fox News is “worse than Al Qaeda“, and you have the most deleriously glittering example of Olbypocrisy ever documented. Keith Olbermann truly is the biggest hypocrite in the world.

UPDATE: Is Keith Olbermann un-American? According to him…yes


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