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• Keith Olberman Still Breathing… Unfortunately.


From Playboy Online… (Yes, I do read the articles…)

PLAYBOY: On Countdown this past April, after Rudolph Giuliani made a speech saying Democrats would make us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, you went off on him for eight solid minutes. You seemed truly offended by what he’d said.

OLBERMANN: Giuliani tried to out-Bush Bush. He tried to get votes by talking about casualties as if another attack like 9/11 were inevitable, suggesting that voting for anyone but him would lead to more people getting killed. That’s about an inch from saying, “If you don’t vote for me, you’ll die,” which is another inch from saying, “If you don’t vote for me, I’ll kill you.” And that, to me, is not America. In fact, it’s not Earth. I don’t usually single out candidates for praise or brickbats, but if they’re going to politicize terror, to do the work of the terrorists by terrorizing the populace, I’ll come down on them like a ton of bricks. That’s my job.

“My first special comment on Donald Rumsfeld had about a million live viewers. The number of YouTube viewings was two or three times that. It’s the best advertising we can get. We get new customers from the Internet.”

“Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us, particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda — worse for our society. It’s as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was.”

“When you’ve been through as much tumult as I have, you learn that age is way down on the list of what’s important in a relationship. The first question is, Can you stand being with this person? If the answer is yes, the rest doesn’t matter.”

This from the biggest jackass to breath. Seeing that our old friends Bin “the Gooch” Laden has decided to endorse Hillary and the Left’s communist agenda I guess this was coming. But then again, we all know what happens to those who don’t drink the Left’s Koolaid right? Here he is ranting on America’s Mayor Rudolph Giuliani…

Who the hell does Olberman think he is? Can someone please tell me what the hell we are going to do about this guy? Someone needs to do some sort of expose on him and show the world what a fraud he is. Oh and for all of the Jets fans I know are reading this right now. Last night Olberman made you (all 77,900 of you) the “Worst Person In The World” From http://bloggingolbermann.com/ a blog dedicated to blowing this scumbag…

Worst Person in the NFL: 77,900 New York Jets fans, for cheering when quarterback Chad Pennington was injured. Cris Collinsworth ponders whether NBC has any Jets games this year and if Keith can be a sideline reporter. Keith wonders if Collinsworth wants to see Keith pelted with objects. NBC has a Jets game scheduled for Week 17, but that could be changed with flex scheduling.

I will have this video as soon as it’s available.


I’m going to harness the power of the blog to call for a boycott of NBC’s pregame show until the worst former ESPN employee in the world, Keith Olbermann, gets axed.

I understand that NBC is desperate to bring attention to their bottom dwelling pseudo network MSNBC. I also understand that given Olby’s background on Sportscenter, they feel that he brings some sort of synergy to the program.

But the fact remains: Olbermann’s political rhetoric on MSNBC simply can not be seperated from his sports commentary. It is consistently insulting to half of the country. It is hateful and denegrating. It has no place as the lead in to what should be a politics free football game.


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