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• Petraeus Hearing – Ad – Video Code Pink Booted!


Hot Air is live blogging the report…
Here are the slides Petraeus used… 

Liberal scumbags are condeming Gen. David Petraeus before he even testifies today on the progress in Iraq, in an ad paid for by a liberal advocacy organization. That group? MoveOn.org (and no I won’t dignify them with a link). On the CNN ticker it states that:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid expressed frustration Monday with a new print ad attacking Gen. David Petraeus that is being paid for by a liberal advocacy organization on the same day the general is providing testimony before Congress on the situation in Iraq.

When asked early this morning if this was the right message for his party to send, the Nevada Democrat curtly answered “No.”

In a separate conversation, a senior Democratic leadership aide called the ad an “unnecessary distraction” and said Democrats are prepared to focus on “Petraeus executing a mismanaged mission.”

So here is the cowardice of the left in their attempt to circumvent the man they approved 100%. Any of the left’s cronies who are publicly distancing themselves from this are downright liars because as we know MoveOn runs the democratic party from behind the curtain and if they disagree with them they get punched in the nuts.

“The lead intimidators are MoveOnMedia Matters and the vicious Daily. These people savagely attack those with whom they disagree, and the politicians don’t want to become smear targets.” O’Reilly later asked: “[W]hen you get these presidential candidates who are afraid of a website, my God, how are they going to deal with Al Qaeda?”

Here is the ad click the image to view…






  1. opit says:

    Woo. Do we start with the magnificent supplying of the requirements the General stated he needed filled before taking the job ( the hallucinatory supply more like ) ? Or did you pay attention when he himself said a political solution was necessary.
    Anything less is pissing around and wasting energy and lives.
    Kick that !

  2. Ed says:

    What the hell are you talking about?

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