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• Green Gore Flies Vegetable Oil Powered Gulfstream


Not really but it does run on gas, which creates carbon which he deplores and subsequently got him a possible Nobel prize for his breathy damning of the human civilizations destruction of the planet. Here is a photo of Al Gore getting into his Gulfstream. One hour in a Gulfstream jet burns as much fuel as driving a family car for a year. Hypocrisy is a dish best served boiling in above average temperatures and heat waves in December… FOXNEWS host Sean Hannity is set to unleash the damning video this Sunday night, network sources reveal.



  1. Sookiesue says:

    If Al Gore can raise awareness for the global warming crisis (and yes, that is NOT open to debate, unless you listen only to Fox), then the infinitesimally small percentage of pollution he adds will be more than offset by the reductions by people like you and I. After watching “An inconvenient truth”, I bought CFL for my entire house the next day. I will buy a hybrid car as soon as the are made available.

    What will YOU do?

  2. Ed says:

    Do as I say not as I do. Ok… Let’s look at it this way… I wouldn’t tell my son that he can’t smoke pot while I’m toking a bong… I wouldn’t tell my son not to drink while doing a keg stand… I wouldn’t lecture people on the downfall of civilization while lounging in my carbon puking jet. I have no problem with the idea of being nice to Mother Earth, I do have a problem with people like Al Gore and “My Little Pony” telling me not to drink while they do keg stands. What will I do? I turn the water off when I brush my teeth, I scream at my kids to turn the lights off and I drive a fuel efficient car.

  3. Sookiesue says:

    Not a good analogy. Gore’s actions are closer to an inoculation: a little damage for a huge future benefit. Or similar to pre-emptive war in Iraq… oh wait, not a good comparison.

  4. Ed says:

    Not a good analogy. Ok. That’s why you’re trying to shut me up with “Or similar to pre-emptive war in Iraq… oh wait, not a good comparison.” Hypocrites hold no water for me be they liberal or conservative. I hear a commercial on the radio once in a while. It’s got Ozzy Osborne telling me not to drink and drive… is that a better analogy? Plus how do you explain this:

    Study: No Scientific Consensus on Global Warming Claims
    from staff reports

    Papers do not support claims that it’s human-caused or will have catastrophic impact.

    A comprehensive survey of climate-change research reveals a lack of consensus in the scientific community on whether global warming is caused by human activity or will have any significant impact. Less than half of the recent papers in a major scientific journal agree even “implicitly” with those notions.

    Researchers examined published between 2004 and 2007. They found that only 38 percent of scientists accepted claims about global warming without question. Forty-eight percent were neutral.

    Ken Green, a climate change expert at the American Enterprise Institute, called it as a rebuttal to claims of “consensus” on the issue.

    “The climate is warming,” he said. “We’re unclear on what the major causes are.”

    Notably, just one of the 528 papers examined makes any reference to global warming producing catastrophic results.

    Robert Giegengack, a professor in the earth and environmental science department at the University of Pennsylvania, said it’s important to consider the big picture.

    “Less than 10 percent of the Earth’s history has been characterized by ice sheets at the poles,” he explained. “We’re in the middle of a global ice age right now, when the earth is much, much colder than it has been during much of its history.”

    According to Jeff Kueter with the George C. Marshall Institute, the results also raise questions as to how much scientists may have bowed to political pressure.

    “Unfortunately the stakes are so high with this issue, that politicians and policymakers — well intentioned or otherwise — have a keen interest in how this debate turns out,” he told Family News in Focus. “Some scientists, unfortunately, stretch the facts a bit too far to try to provide the answers that they’re being asked to give.”

  5. Sookiesue says:

    Could you give a link to the study you reference please? My gut tells me it is an agenda driven organization that released this, but I would need to do my homework to verify that.

    There certainly are studies out there that will support whatever one cares to believe – just as their are bible verses to support any position. Generally some very rudimentary investigation can separate the wheat from the chaff however.

  6. ThirstyJon says:

    I cannot believe how religious folks have gotten about human caused global warming . It is like a whole new faith. To question it is to be excommunicated.

    If you dare to say “Hey, I’m not persuaded” you are cut off.

    Well, I am willing to be a part of the solution in practical ways, whether or not there is human caused global warming. I like clean air and less waste either way.

    But I am not persuaded that there is any catastrophic level human caused global warming.



  7. Ed says:

    The link is in the first sentence, and I agree with you we could both find studies to defend our individual sides. But the study is true.

  8. Ed says:

    “I am not…” shhhhhhhh crackle crackle…. I think I was cut off.

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