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• Clinton Aministration Knew Of Origional WTC Bombing


“Mein Kleines Pony” thinks that George Bush’s War on Terror is a slogan designed only for politics, not a strategy to make America safe. It’s a bumper sticker, not a plan.” Well I think the German authorities and a shit-load of terrorists would disagree.

German authorities said Thursday they are pursuing as many as 10 additional suspects in connection with a plot to bomb American interests in the country, a day after announcing the arrest of three men believed to have trained at militant camps in Pakistan.

Deputy Interior Minister August Hanning, a former chief of Germany’s foreign spy service, said the men being sought included Germans, Turks and other nationalities — all believed to be part of a support group helping with plans for a massive bombing to kill Americans.

But then again if it wasn’t for Bush’s Fascist ideology none of this would be happening right? Wrong. Terrorist have been running hither and fro for many decades trying to kill Americans. Even in the Billary decade when the left would like us to think that the world was hugging and kissing our American butts but according to Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations in 1996 stated that

Terrorism is “a war with an unlimited number of battles, none of them decisive….For a long time, terrorism was something we Americans mostly read about or saw on television. Now, terrorism has come to the United States, with a growing list of casualties and notorious events: the World Trade Center bombing, Oklahoma City, the Unibomber attacks, possibly TWA Flight 800–and certainly the pipe bomb at the Atlanta Olympics.” Haass went on to state, “In a world in which borders count for less and less, it should come as little surprise that terrorism has come to America. Our cities are the new battlefields, and we are the combatants.”

The above article also includes this statement which says that the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION knew about the original WTC bombing and covered it up…

There is a growing body of extremely alarming and highly credible evidence that the U.S. Government, for purposes of stimulating public acceptance of legislation to limit personal freedoms, has itself engaged in the encouragement and the actual planning of acts of domestic terrorism against its own citizens. Some of this “encouragement” was brought to light when a reliable FBI informant notified the bureau of the immanent bombing of the World Trade Center. The incident was reported by the New York Times in the form of transcripts of tape recordings made by the aforementioned informant. These tapes were made of his conversations with FBI agents using equipment they had supplied him.
Against vigorous efforts by the Justice Department to keep the tapes and their contents secret, the federal judge presiding over the case of those indicted for the Trade Center bombing, ordered the recordings released and they became public knowledge.

Richard Ben-Veniste, former associate Watergate special prosecutor, exclaimed that the tapes, apparently unprecedented in American jurisprudence, foreshadowed “an absolute nightmare for federal prosecutors.” In addition to the New York Times story, the Los Angeles Times in an October 28, 1993 article also revealed details of FBI involvement in the terrorist act. FBI spokesmen in Washington refused comment.

Where is Olberman and the left-wing moonbats now? Loose change? More like “Loose Marbles”. Where are their comments of Fascism and Big Brother in regards to Billary and her husbands communist regime? Nowhere. Why? Because the Democratic/Liberal machine has erased this from their memories as that Kool-Aid drink they are always mixing in their federally mandated buckets usually does.

Here is a link to the NYT Article and retraction on the tapes. Apparently an informatnt Emad A. Salem, quote him as saying he warned the Government that a bomb was being built unfortunately it requires a payment and as I am a non-profit I am unable to do that, if you have the full text of this feel free to post it and I will give you a great plug.





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