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• Muslim Sicko Caught On Tape (UPDATED)


Hat Tip LGF / Hot Air
This video is called “The Missing Hijab & The Jew” by some sick fuch calling himself dawahworks. Here is his blog.. http://dawahworks.blogspot.com/ (I won’t dignify him with a link). This is the voice that our kids hear on campuses everywhere, that voice is from the Muslim Student Association. This particular episode takes place at the University of Texas. Click here to email outrage to them…

Update… A great entry on Protein Wisdom

Of course, simply by posting the video, Charles at LGF sets himself up as a convenient (and potentially diversionary) scapegoat. He will be accused of “hate” — for precisely the same reason that progressives can rationalize their refusal to publish Danish Mohammed cartoons, or Opus comic strips,\: the simple fact of airing criticism of Muslim ideologues is itself an offense against today’s Orwellian idea of “tolerance,” even in cases where the ideologues themselves produced the material being criticized.

Update… Over at this sicko’s blog he’s being criticized by his own readers for being to aggressive. In it he states that he’s trying to do “dawah” which by definition is:

In Arabic, Dawah means “invite” or “invitation.” Islamically speaking, Dawah is the Muslim responsibility to “invite” non-Muslims to Islam. For example, in the Qur’an, Sura An-Nahl 16:125 states, “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in ways that are best.” A Daa’ee, derived from the word Dawah, is a Muslim who is a caller to Islam.

Apparently dawah means to fall into stereotypical radical Islamic idealogy that is meant to alienate all those not under sharia law. Here are a few of the comments:

W13 said…
Asalamalaikum, I’m sorry to accuse you, however I do believe you’re only perpetuating hate towards Islam with your videos. The Jew man for example, like said before, will view Muslims as ignorant and non-understanding after this interview.

poetic muslim said…
asalam alaykum , brother I found the phrase ‘hoochy mama’ very inapropriate , I just felt it was a little ‘too’ forward , why did you not just use a word like , revealing ? I personaly found it grotesque , that you use such a phrase , were muslims please don’t use these type of vulgur phrases. perhaps I live in the uk , use a word like that you would get looks for it .

Ed Gruberman said…
You’re an idiot. I’m sure there are plenty of Muslims out that that are so happy to see that you are their voice. (Sarcasm doesn’t convey well in type so… SARCASM ALERT!). By the way the question should have been asked… “What is the Muslim’s greatest accomplishment in America?” Answer “9/11”

Of course not a word in-regards to the teachings of radical Islam lead to the tragedy of 9/11… or that he is an idiot… oh wait Ed Gruberman said that…
I guess that’s why I am an…

(Infidel) كافر



  1. Joseph says:

    I am profoundly disturbed by the banner. It looks as if Islamic Rage Boy is coming to eat my brain.

    Oh, and hi! Nice blog you’ve got here.

  2. Ed says:

    Good to have you and by the way… he is coming to eat your brain.

  3. BGG says:

    That guy is a complete turd!

  4. Ed says:

    Turd Burglar. Copy and paste that blog address I have for him and leave him a message.

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